We are the BOAT


We are sailing again! It is two short points mentioned by Ms. Silvia Fridrich after research of our Project Concept: Innovation and Action means CHANGE because We are the BOAT. So, we are traveling and our daily reports will include all of you in our journey. From first to the last episode, EVERYDAY INSIDER! ‪#‎danube‬; ‪#‎medialiteracy‬; ‪#‎informationliteracy‬

Interactive, Innovative and Inclusive Traveling Classroom
Cultivate New Generation ready to combine Tolerance, Knowledge and Skill about Cultural, Historical, Traditional and Environmental Heritage in Different Media outcomes with content same good for motivation, wake-up vocation, education and traveling workshop presentation.

Two weeks, every day traveling, discovering and Media and Information Literacy “Learning Time”, many short lessons about different elements of media language, film, animation, TV, radio, multimedia, photography…

All Daily Roaming Reports you can find on the Danube Peace Boat 2016 Channel on Vimeo…

Our Friends and Partner from Bratislava, Famous BIBIANA, Katarina Minichova and Danube Sailors

Our Friends and Partner from Bratislava, Famous BIBIANA, Katarina Minichova and Danube Sailors

During the Workshop, the participants will have support (information, brainstorming, education and training) to recognize, invent and create different media together, a sort of traveling diary about their experience! They will start with storytelling and synopsis and will continue with scenario and storyboard… our educator and trainer will help them in finalization of their projects, production, post production and final presentation (of-line and on-line) of their different media outcomes: short films and animations, TV and Radio reports, photo-drawing galleries and slide-shows and textual reports.

Travel, Source for Cultural Discovery is creative interaction of people from different cultural backgrounds willing to learn how to use truthful media languages appropriately in a way that demonstrates knowledge and understanding of different cultures. Our workshop is beginning of the Creation of the Coalition for Social Responsible Cohesion. We will continue to building strong intercultural and interfaith models for communication and cooperation for Sustainable Living, Intercultural Dialogue and Interfaith Understanding.