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Bratislava Castle And Novy Bridge At Sunset With Reflection

Animation Workshop, Biennale of Animation Bratislava

Miomir Rajcevic, Media Education Centre, Belgrade, Serbia Animation Workshop-ThumbTrip Flip Book Bratislava 2014 Flipbooks are such fun! They’re like your own personal movie or slideshow. They’re also a great way to have fun and learn how animation works, too! They can be funny, they can be thoughtful, and they can be amazing. There are several […]

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Kid’s Eye, Hungary

Our New Member Kid’s Eye Hungary At the end of the 8th Summit in Belgrade 2013 it was 45 partner and member countries. Today, it is 56. Just after the 9th Summit in the last month we have 10 application! What is International youth Media Summit today? We are MOVEMENT for all people work with […]

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Letter from Evelyn

Short evaluation of the Summit and expectation for 10th Summit: The 9th International Youth Media Summit was a true Celebration of Youth Voices. 78 delegates from 22 countries shared their talents of not only filmmaking and animation, but singing, dancing, musical instruments, painting and fashion design. In addition to their artistic talents, they shared stories […]

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9th International youth Media Summit 2

Daily report by Aleksa Nedic The Summit can start On the second day our PSA film makers were really busy and very productive. All of our seven voice delegates today got deeper in their subjects. Every voice interviewed explored and examined the main charachteristics of their subject. Hearing sad stories, planting seeds, listening to victims […]

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9th International Youth Media Summit 1

Daily Report by Aleksa Nedic: From Belgrade to Los Angeles and beginning More photos and videos you can find on our Facebook page After a long and tiring trip we finally arrived to the beautiful and big SOKA university. We were greeted by some familiar faces from the previous summits. The next day we already […]

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Ping Pong in Los Angeles

Ping Pong, short history (Table Tennis) began as a mild social diversion. It was probably played with improvised equipment in England, during the last quarter of the 19th century. Though Ping Pong (Table Tennis) evolved, along with Badminton and Lawn Tennis, from the ancient game of Tennis, the game was developed after Lawn Tennis became […]

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10th Anniversary of the IYMS and Ping Pong

  From Cultural Alphabet and Movies Screen to Dinning and Conflict Resolution Table: We would like to keep original idea of the Ping Pong Project but to develop it on the Global Level. We would like to work on the development together, Americans and Serbians but to open space for organizations/members from any country to […]

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Ping Pong 2

What Ping Pong 2 have to be? New approach, some kind of cover page project trough we would like to show importance, influence and meaning of cultural exchange in diplomacy, policy and future building… For us, USA-Serbia Cultural Exchange trough Ping-Pong project curated by Linn Marie Kirby and her students/assistants have to become creative exhibition-guide […]

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The Recycled Orchestra of Cateura

The story develops in one of the poorest slums in Latin America. Just outside Asuncion, Paraguayans capital; Cateura is the city’s trash dump.  It is built on a landfill. Here, people live in a sea of garbage. And they live from garbage. Every day, tons of rotting detritus spill from trucks and people swarm over it to […]

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Donate for International-Balkans Team

We are very close to the 9th Summit, working and meeting place and space for young generation. Youth from more than 30 countries will come to Los Angeles and from July 14th to 27th will work together to determinate problems and to find solution for seven critical issues important for the future of all of […]

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