Western Balkans Green Steps

Environmental restoration involves the process of returning a natural environment to its original state or improving it after damage or degradation has occurred. This practice aims to revive ecosystem health, biodiversity, and ecological functionality through various restoration techniques such as reforestation, wetland restoration, and habitat rehabilitation. Education plays a crucial Continue Reading →

Partnering for digital inclusion

Today, ALL DIGITAL, the European association representing networks of digital education stakeholders, is pleased to announce the launch of the ALL DIGITAL Weeks 2024 campaign, the annual digital inclusion and empowerment campaign involving digital competence centers, libraries, community centers, schools, and other venues across Europe. Curious about local governments partnering Continue Reading →

Kids in Digital Spaces

Project Title: KIDS Media Evolution Across Generations Danube+ KIDS is a transnational event with a focus on film, animation, and media education, intercultural innovative learning, creativity, and global citizenship education for sustainable development. We are creating a mobile, digital, and multimedia edutainment space developing a high level of participatory philosophy Continue Reading →

Health Laboratory

As we propel into the future, one thing becomes increasingly clear: health literacy is not just a luxury, but an absolute necessity. In a world where health information is omnipresent in people`s information ecosystems and their everyday lives, people and systems must be capable of deciphering what’s truly beneficial for Continue Reading →


ALL DIGITAL Weeks 2024 will run over 3 weeks from 13 May until 31 May 2024. The campaign will be supported by the European Commission, involving international and national partners, and participating organizations in Serbia and more than 20 different European countries. The campaign will build on what was achieved Continue Reading →

Health literacy and human rights

Building trust and equal access to healthcare” represented the opportunity to launch the “Health Literacy Guide” available in eight different languages, which was produced as part of the Strategic Action Plan on Human Rights and Technologies in Biomedicine (2020-2025) to allow all people, including those in vulnerable situations, more effective Continue Reading →