International Patriotic Convention

Joint statement advocating the drafting of the International Patriotic Convention and the establishment of the United Nations International Patriotic Committee This contemporary vision of patriotism calls for a global consensus. It’s a commitment to advancing the interests of one’s nation, yes, but not at the expense of others. It’s a Continue Reading →

Health literacy and human rights

Building trust and equal access to healthcare” represented the opportunity to launch the “Health Literacy Guide” available in eight different languages, which was produced as part of the Strategic Action Plan on Human Rights and Technologies in Biomedicine (2020-2025) to allow all people, including those in vulnerable situations, more effective Continue Reading →

Integrating Generative AI in Adult Education

Welcome to a course in our series, “Integrating Generative AI in Adult Education: Empowering Teachers, Trainers, and Facilitators.” The course “Introduction to Artificial Intelligence” is designed for beginners and focuses on providing a basic understanding of AI’s key elements and its practical uses. This introductory program is organized into four Continue Reading →