Media Education Centre

Welcome to the Media Education Centre, your beacon of innovation and empowerment since its inception on December 21, 2001. As a pioneering non-profit organization, we are at the forefront of championing active citizenship in an age where media literacy isn’t just an advantage—it’s a necessity.

Our mission? To empower individuals to navigate the media landscape with responsibility and insight, thereby fostering a society that thrives on democratic values, health, unity, and inclusiveness. We believe in the transformative power of Media, Digital, Visual, Social, Health, Peace, Economic, and Information Literacy, guiding our global community toward sustainable living and ethical integrity.

We envision a world where every interaction, decision, and initiative is steeped in respect for our collective life, embracing new media and digital pedagogies, ecological balance, universal human rights, cultural and artistic diversity, economic fairness, and the pursuit of peace.

At the Media Education Centre, Media and Information Literacy isn’t just a part of what we do—it’s the cornerstone of all our endeavors, shaping a future where everyone is equipped to contribute to a vibrant, equitable, and peaceful society.

Join us on this exciting journey. Together, let’s shape a world that values knowledge, respects diversity, and cherishes every voice in the chorus of global citizenship.

Join us at the Media Education Centre’s Media Laboratory (ML), an innovative hub for Digital, Information, and Media Literacy! Our ML operates year-round in six dynamic departments: Short Film, Animation, TV Production, Virtual-Augmented-Mixed-Extended Reality, ICT, and Multimedia.

Our Lab welcomes students and participants of all ages, from children (up to 16) to young adults (up to 30), and anyone with an interest in media exploration and creativity. Currently, we boast a talented pool of members, including over 15 university students from prestigious institutions like the Film Academy in Belgrade and other leading film schools across Europe.

At Media Education Centre, we believe in the power of continuous action. Whether it’s about preserving cultural heritage, promoting active citizenship, or addressing climate change, we believe in uniting people to find sustainable solutions. By integrating insights from ancient cultures and civilizations, we aim to foster a dialogue that respects past wisdom while searching for modern solutions.

Our organization houses six cutting-edge laboratories: Media, Digital, Peace, Health, Social, and Economic, each equipped with an Advisory Council comprised of experts in various fields, including Media and Information Literacy, Digital Technologies, Augmented Reality, Peacebuilding, Health, and Economy. Each laboratory is dedicated to fostering innovation and research in its respective domain.

Furthermore, the Media Education Centre holds Advisory status in the UN Economic and Social Council, a vital body within the United Nations system driving progress across economic, social, and environmental realms. As a platform for collaboration, debate, and policy development, we contribute to global sustainability efforts and champion internationally agreed-upon goals set by major UN conferences and summits.

Come be a part of our vibrant community, where knowledge meets creativity, and innovation intersects with global impact. Join us in shaping a brighter future through media literacy, digital innovation, and transformative initiatives at the Media Education Centre.

The Media Education Centre promotes:

  • Cosmopolitanism, transformation, proactive community membership, and the credo that people can bring about change
  • Self-respect, respect for others, self-confidence, sense of identity, solidarity, and respect for human life
  • Collaboration, participation, responsibility, inclusivity, equality, sharing, teamwork, dialogue and open-mindedness
  • Universal human rights, women’s rights, children’s rights, labor rights, rights of people with disabilities, and rights of indigenous people
  • Sustainability, social responsibility, environmental responsibility, concern for the environment and preservation of the planet
  • Democratic and non-hierarchical dealing with complexity, contradiction, uncertainty, peaceful, non-violent, and committed to social justice and equity
  • Pluralism, non-discrimination, visionary attitudes, and understanding of the interconnectedness
  • Awareness, openness, tolerance, creativity, empathy, optimism, spirituality, and understanding of the world.

Welcome to the Media Education Centre (MEC), a dynamic powerhouse and the proud headquarters of the World Summit on Media for Youth, the multifaceted Media Laboratory, the celebrated Danube for Peace initiative, and the renowned Danube and Balkans PLUS International Traveling Festival. As a leading light in the Unity in Diversity-World Civil Society, MEC stands at the helm of “Unity in Diversity Balkans-Danube Region-South East Europe,” embodying regional unity and global outreach.

At the heart of global cultural exchange and media innovation, MEC boasts prestigious memberships and partnerships. We’re aligned with the United Nations Alliance for Civilization, the United Nations Plural PLUS Film Festival, and the esteemed CICT/IFTC-UNESCO, among others. As coordinators of the pivotal “Building Trust in Media” and “MIL Clicks in Serbia” projects in collaboration with EU-UNESCO, alongside partnerships with River//Cities Platform, International Institute for Peace through Tourism, and more, MEC is a nexus for fostering understanding and cooperation across continents.

Our spirit of collaboration is the cornerstone of our success. The invaluable support from friends and colleagues worldwide fuels our mission to stay at the forefront of media literacy for children and youth, leveraging multimedia as a powerful tool for informal education. Through engaging projects that bring together children and youth from diverse backgrounds, we are forging stronger bonds of global communication and cooperation.

Join us at the Media Education Centre as we continue to break new ground, nurture global connections, and foster a culture of peace and understanding through the magic of media. Together, we’re not just witnessing change—we’re driving it.

I am because we are! A person is a person through other persons!