Enhancing Creative Education through Media and Digital Literacy

Media and digital literacy are crucial for modern creative education, significantly enriching students’ learning experiences and capabilities. By understanding various media and digital tools, students transition from merely consuming content to creating it. This includes the ability to critically analyze media messages, recognize biases, and sharpen their critical thinking skills. Continue Reading →

Harmony in Pixels: Generative AI and Environmental Restoration

In the lush heart of a once-barren forest, where sunlight filters through leaves like golden threads, Generative AI weaves its magic. It’s not a wizard with a wand, but lines of code that ripple through the digital fabric, creating art that transcends pixels and breathes life into ecosystems. Reforestation Reimagined: Continue Reading →

All Digital Weeks

All Digital Weeks is an annual Europe-wide campaign that promotes digital inclusion and digital skills. Typically organized in the spring, it involves a series of events, activities, and workshops across various European countries, all aimed at enhancing individuals’ digital competencies and reducing the digital divide. Here are key aspects of Continue Reading →

Discover the Power of Virtual Museums for Peace

The Media Education Centre Initiative We are excited to announce the Media Education Centre’s latest initiative: presenting the remarkable content of Museums for Peace around the globe. Through this initiative, we aim to shine a light on the invaluable work of peace museums, as examined by the International Network of Continue Reading →

MEC Peace Laboratory

PEACE Laboratory of the Media Education Centre is a department dedicated to creating leadership vocational education and training that would make this planet safe for all. The Media Education Centre created the Peace Laboratory Department (PLD) to create, support, and implement different activities related to Peace Activism: Current Interest in Continue Reading →

Health Literacy Summit

MEC Health Laboratory on the Health Literacy Summit Health literacy represents the personal competencies and organizational structures, resources, and commitment that enable people to access, understand, appraise, and use information and services in ways that promote and maintain good health – WHO, 2021 Imagine a future where everyone is equipped Continue Reading →


EmpowerED – Transforming Education for Learning Disabilities through Inclusivity and Innovation The EmpowerED workshop delves into the profound impact of learning disabilities on educational practices for trainers and educators. By focusing on scientific evaluation, the workshop aims to unify perspectives across diverse disability spectrums and underscores the critical integration of Continue Reading →

Media and Digital Literacy for Health

Utilizing Media and Digital Literacy for Health Empowerment in the Modern Age Introduction/Background/Problem Enhancing health literacy and promoting responsible use of health media relies on making quality and reliable information easily accessible, underscoring the importance of media and digital literacies for empowering health literacy. Addressing this multifaceted challenge requires a Continue Reading →