Traveling, Source for Cultural Discovery

Danube Media and Information Literacy Workshop

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Flyer: Traveling, Source for Cultural Discovery
Interactive, Innovative and Inclusive Traveling Classroom

We are working on the long term media, information and peace literacy process of the building models for maintainable living together, intercultural dialogue and multi-religious understanding! Our workshop offer a more collaborative, interactive, and mobile abilities and learning experience with necessary skills and knowledge for using media and online collaborative learning platform that constantly evolves, and keep everyone engaged like never before. That’s what the Workshop is all about.

Helping to all interested participants to create Intercultural Classrooms in any place, open space and during the traveling that open more possibilities to more students, teachers and young workers wherever they are. Offering exciting new approaches to learning, promoting and advertising while involving each participant on an individual level. With online collaborative learning platforms like these, we can build a better educational experience that will get everyone talking.

  • Photo-tool for expression,
  • Psychology of photo,
  • Meaning of sound,
  • How to exchange information
  • What is Codex of journalism and
  • How to Produce Traveling Diary!

During the Workshop, the participants will have support (information, brainstorming, education and training) to recognize, invent and create different media together, a sort of traveling diary about their experience! They will start with storytelling and synopsis and will continue with scenario and storyboard… our educator and trainer will help them in finalization of their projects, production, postproduction and final presentation (of-line and on-line) of their different media outcomes: short films and animations, TV and Radio reports, photo-drawing galleries and slide-shows and textual reports.

Travel, Source for Cultural Discovery is creative interaction of people from different cultural backgrounds willing to learn how to use truthful media languages appropriately in a way that demonstrates knowledge and understanding of different cultures. Our workshop is beginning of the Creation of the Coalition for Social Responsible Cohesion. We will continue to building buy flagyl pills strong intercultural and interfaith models for communication and cooperation for Sustainable Living, Intercultural Dialogue and Interfaith Understanding.

Additional activities during the workshop will be:

  • The Teambuilding training/games!
  • Basic elements of the Urban Pedagogy with Treasure hunting: how to work and cooperate successful in the Team!
  • How to Dealing with Stress and Difficult Emotions,
  • Teach, Learn and Love It!
  • Unleash the Creative Genius and
  • Intelligent Leadership – how to bring out the Best in Yourself and Others, Self-Learning Strategies – how to Becoming an Autonomous Learner-Prosumer and how to produce and share Media Literacy for Digital Didactic outcome

This Workshop is open for everybody interested in Traveling like Tool for Peace and Reconciliation but we are especially interested in few Target Groups:

  • Teenagers and their teachers and
  • University Students interested in Media and Journalism
  • Young people-future leaders wiling to know how to use Media in Shaping Future

If you are interested to know more and to participate please visit our web page EASTER TOGETHER and you will all info about Registration Process and Fee, Participation Fee and other information about Workshop, Stay in Serbia, Visa Procedure and so on.

Full participation fee for the Spring Workshop is 895 EUR (395+500 for “Early Birds”, for registration before the 21st of December 2016. After 21st of December 2016 participation fee will be 995 EUR) and include:

  • transfer (24th of March and 2nd of April, 9am-5pm) from the Belgrade Airport “Nikola Tesla”
  • transport by bus and boat across the Serbia from the programme
  • accommodation (in double and triple bed rooms) and meals (from dinner 24th of March to breakfast 2nd of April)
  • tickets for all museums, national parcs, exhibitions and archeological sites from the programme
  • complete educational and training programme
  • certificate and digital outcomes

Discounts (for Early birds, before 31st of December):

    • For University Students and Younger than 28 years discount is 100EUR/Person (PP is 295+500=795 EUR/participant)
    • for Teenagers (13-19) and their teachers/chaperon persons discount is 200 EUR (PPis 195+500=695 EUR/participant
    • For more than 5 registration/participants it is additional discount of 10%

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