Meet the Danube River Good

Travel more than 10,000 years in the past Lepen Whirl (Serbian: Lepenski Vir) is an important Mesolithic archaeological site located in Serbia in the central Balkan peninsula. The latest radiocarbon and AMS data suggest that the chronology of Lepen Whirl is compressed between 9500/7200-6000 BC. There is some disagreement about the Continue Reading →

The Vinca Culture “Old Europe”

One important stop on our journey: Vinca Culture, The Danube Script or The Lost World of Old Europe The Vinca culture, also known as Turda-Vinca culture, is a Neolithic archaeological culture in South-eastern Europe, dated to the period 5,700–4,500 BC. Archaeologists concluded that “in the 5th and early 4th millennia Continue Reading →

Never, never, never more!

Save the world from boring learning from MEC on Vimeo. Danube Peace Boat 2017 Never, never, never more! Save the world from boring learning, training, cipro pill classes! Media Pedagogy and Learning Design on the Danube Peace Boat for Teachers, Students and Leaders! #thinkingdesign, #leadershipdesign, #learningdesign Danube Peace Boat 2017

Global Festival of Ideas for Sustainable Development

Leading thinkers, policy-makers, business leaders and civil society activists gathered in Germany for the first ever Global Festival of Ideas for Sustainable Development, to chart new thinking and action on the world’s biggest development challenges at the World Conference Center in Bonn.   The first day of the Festival featured Continue Reading →

First Place for Summer Learning

Media Laboratory Proudly Presents: Marko Kosic, Media Education Centre, Bela Crkva Marko Kosic is member of the Media Education Centre from 2012. He was participant of one of our International Summer Workshop was held in Bela Crkva, Serbia: France, Serbia and World…  this is one short film with Marko: Today, Continue Reading →

The Status of Roma in Serbia

It was organized lectures in Belgrade on the Status of Roma in Serbia and the Classics of World Music on Roma Issues, which were held by sisters Biljana Tasic and Natasa Tasic Knezevic, Roma. A successful philologist and journalist, Biljana presented the social position of Roma population in Serbia today, Continue Reading →

Alliance of Civilizations

“We must work together to ensure that cultural diversity is included in the development agenda for post-2015.” This is the message that Jean-Christophe Bas, responsible for strategic development and partnerships for the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations, is delivering to us in a testimony buy cipro ciprofloxacin online published in Continue Reading →