Welcome, Eirini – Renee

Eirini – Renee Gkatsi, Greece

Welcome Renee Gkatsi, the Danube4Peace Advisors Committee Member: I had the great opportunity to be part of the Danube for Peace. Through this inclusive initiative, I had the chance to meet new people from Europe and specifically from the region around the Danube river.

Danube Project aimed to promote through a holistic aspect the exchange of ideas between youngsters from the countries around the Danube. A great encounter, which provided me with new intercultural skills and new connections with astounding young professionals.

Last but not least, in Danube Project, I had the chance to visit monuments of great significance from our recent Balkan history, new developments of the current era and all these, by cruising the Danube river.

And who is Renee?

It has always been my concern to assist, protect and educate people, especially the young generation and the women, which is one of the most vulnerable groups of the population and also to promote human rights. Without hesitation and reservations, we should put the protection of any rights trampled at first squadron. As far as the protection and promotion of human rights are concerned, it can be conducted in many different ways, to awaken people with only a basic knowledge of it, but also to inform people who are entirely unaware of the matter.

In 2013 I graduated from the Department of International and European Studies of Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences. I have an MA in International Law and Diplomatic Studies, at the Department of International and European Studies, and in the coming June I am finishing my MSc in Medical School of Athens, “International Medicine and Crisis Management.”

For the past ten years, I have been active as a volunteer in Organizations & NGOs and as a trainee in various internships with a particular focus on human rights and emergencies in the field. My involvement with vulnerable populations in Greece and India was something that had gave me new knowledge of my subject, as well as additional experience for the proper treatment of those help-needing groups. During the past years, the management of program teams, especially multi-national organizations, has been a quite important part of the whole process to work with the transitory target population.

My filmmaking interests were always essential to me. Thus I have been participating in various projects in Greece and abroad. Media can be a strong ally for the dissemination of human rights, and an excellent way to put out there in public, food for thought, regarding undervalued matters affecting millions of people around the globe. My participation in PLURAL+ Festival in UNAOC, International Youth Media Summit, Danube Peace Boat, Chinh India Media Center, introduced me in different cultures, topics and values, but most of all, engaged me with many exciting artists and activists who are working towards to disseminate human rights through media.
Through my extensive experience all these years, within NGOs associated with many different programs, I have gained experience in developing and negotiating partnerships with institutional donors. Furthermore, in May 2016 I’ve started my synergy with UNHCR in Greece, where I am currently working.

Nowadays, the current global refugee situation is increasing the protection risks which are more or less affecting cash assistance, therefore, demands ongoing work to improve the living conditions of the population. It would be a great honour to continue my contribution to this challenging and at the same time, exciting and compelling project.