Youth in Africa and Nature

African youth conference on Nature
Nairobi, Kenya, from 22 to May 24, 2019

The Media Education Centre Team recommendation,
Vlad Chevachin, Editor

Former Vice-President of the Pan-African Youth Union, General Coordinator for Central Africa will speak to African youth on environmental and nature conservation policies in the framework of the African Union’s 2063 Agenda and the African Youth Charter.

Wildiley Barroca

Wildiley Barroca, a young African leader, development actor and with extensive international experience on public youth policies, participates in the African Youth Conference on ‘The Perspective of Youth on Conservation in Africa’ to be held in Nairobi, Kenya, from 22 to May 24, 2019.

The event organized by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Regional Office for Africa aims to create a platform for young African leaders to exchange ideas and initiatives on nature conservation, as well as discuss and issue an indication of commitment and commitment to youth ideas in ‘New Deal for Nature and People’, which will be presented at the AWF Annual Conference by some Youth representatives to world leaders.

As a noted and inspiring Young African leader on the world’s most diverse youth platforms, including the World Youth Parliament for Water, the National Youth Network for Forests of Central Africa, and the Pan-African Youth Union, Adviser for Communication and Public Relations and Vice President for 6 years with the African Union, Wildiley Barroca is invited by WWF Africa to participate in the Conference and to talk to young people about environmental and nature conservation policies in the framework of the Union’s Agenda 2063 And the African Charter on Youth. The African leader will advocate for the declaration and other instruments of African youth to be appropriated by African leaders and, consequently, by youth, so that together they can achieve the dream of all Africans ‘Africa we want’.

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) aims to create a New Deal for Nature and People (ND4NP) to convince global policymakers to put young people on a sustainable course in the next decade. With the help of partners, WWF wants to create opportunities for young Africans between the ages of 18 and 35, contributing to a sustainable future for the continent.
Also on the fringes of this meeting, young African leaders will be called upon to draw up an action plan to boost conservation, as well as the joint preparation of a statement on the participation of young Africans in ND4NP to be presented at the Mombassa, Kenya conference.
WWF Africa recognizes the need to bring together these young environmentalists annually to provide a space for them to engage and find tangible solutions to the ND4NP. This would be done through a Youth Conference that will bring together young people to generate ideas and actions for a more sustainable planet.

The results of the youth conference will be presented at the AWF Annual Conference in Mombasa in June this year and will be extended to the next youth conference, where a vibrant movement of motivated and motivated youth is expected to drive conservation with us and through in Africa, while we are looking for platforms for them to showcase their passion on the network and in other partners NGOs, Wildiley Barroca stressed in our newsroom.