Special Guest: Miss Zeynep Nihan YAMI

Special Guest on the 6th International Youth Media Summit and Participant of the International Summer Film Camp “Taste of Peace 4” Miss Zeynep Nihan YAMI

Name: Zeynep Nihan
Surname: YAMI
Born: 25.02.1994 in Konya city of Turkey

Currently a student at Konya Anatolian (Academic) High School and will be a University student next year. In 2009 I was elected to be an attendant for the “FilmTurkey” project and was trained at th workshop. At the end of the course my team friends and I shot a fictional short film under the name “Close Your Eyes” (Turkish: Kapat Gözlerini). Our film participated several festivals and won “Plural + Royal Film Commission of Jordan buy ciprofloxacin Award” at “PLURAL+ 2010 Youth Video Festival”.

Following the workshop and completion of the film I was elected to attend a training course at State University of New York in the U.S.A. and had also the opportunity to meet my American host-family and their kids. After returning to Turkey fro the New York city, I joined the theatre group in my college and performed our play winning a local award. I can speak and understand English language at medium level but intend to improve my language abilities. In future I am planning to continue my education and make a career in the disiplin of film-making.