This is the seventh episode of RadiaTION

In this episode we have three segments: InterMECional, BEOgraphy and Framix.

InterMECional segment covers the activities in Media Education Centre as well as workshops, festivals and events that Media Education Centre members took part in.

In the sixth episode you can hear:

an interview with Marc Le Clesh, Media Education Centre intern, about his stay in Serbia,
an interview with Angela Naranjo and Vincent Grethen, Media Education Centre volunteers, about the film they made with another Media Education Centre volunteer, Alex Caveng,
interviews with Dusan Sindjic, producer of the play “Who’s crazy to be normal” and Sara Lalovic, Marina Tomas, Vladislava Stanivukovic and Dimitrije Samardzija, the actors in the play, buy cipro uk about their activities since the premiere,
the report from Training Course “Absolute Morality or Golden Middle?” in Kosovo, made by Angela Naranjo, Media Education Centre volunteer.

BEOgraphy segment is reserved for Belgrade cultural life and it includes:
interviews with Milica Mihajlovic and Milena Perisic, members of Media Education Centre, whose films were screened on this year’s Belgrade International Documentary Film Festival “Beldocs”.

Framix segment is saved for the end of each episode and includes interesting phrases in foreign languages, connected by the meaning and acted out in various life situations.

We hope you’ll enjoy our show!

RadiaTION team:
Angela Naranjo
Vincent Grethen
Marie-Noelle Battaglia
Igor Mitschka
Dusan Sindjic
Igor Markovic
Nikola Jankovic
Sonja Rajin
Suncica Mitrovic