Participation, Presentation and the Promotion of the IYMS 2015

Opening_20150728By Mr. Chan Ka Chun, Owen
Shun Tak Fraternal Association, Yung Yau College, Hong Kong
I have been participated the International Youth Media Summit for 5 years. This year is the 10th year of the Summit. During the 10th Year anniversary, I grabbed the opportunity and participated in this incredible event together with my 4 students. And to all of us, it was absolutely out of our expectation.

Though our stay is short in the Summit, we already learnt a lot more than what we have asked for. The messages spread by the mass-media workers are prepossessing and interactive such as the introduction of their Television Broadcast Company, the principle of the spread of media. We have the chance to watch and have a discussion on some Television programme. Every lesson was fruitful and handy. This helped us learn about the current situation of the Mass-Media as well. On the second day of the trip, we were invited to join a boat trip on the Danube Peace Boat, which enabled us to discuss freely and exchange our cultures on the boat. Although we only joined the last part of the Boat Trip, we have learnt different cultures from people of other countries, making new friends as well. On the other hand, the IYMS members also made a project called “Danube Peace Boat Project”, which allowed us to visit some pulchritudinous scenery in Belgrade and make all of us to realize protecting the environment is a vital and critical issue for the city, the country, and the whole planet.

We didn’t just listen to and learn from the media workers, me and my students had a rare buy flagyl online usa chance to make a presentation about two of the seven issues of IYMS in the City Hall of Belgrade. We were impressed by the spectacular view of the Hall, but of course, the best part was that my students could do a presentation within it. My students felt so much honored with a bit nervous. They racked their brain for acting the drama included in the presentation in order to impress people and let them know more about the issues. My students did a certainly unquestionable, excellent work at last. Even the City Secretary of Economy and Tourism appreciated with our presentation.

After we back to Hong Kong, I was so enthusiastic about spreading the aims and influences of the IYMS to our city. Therefore I asked for a newspaper article about the summit and my students’ work. My students shared their astonishing and eye-opening experiences and most importantly, the great IYMS. The news was shown on the local newspapers. Besides, I also spread the information of the summit among the students in our school. I am confidently sure that we can promote the Summit to our city and let everyone know about this creative industry.

The 10th International Youth Media Summit has brought us surprises and lots of fruitful experience to me and to my students, encouraging them to be more attentive and diligent to learn and study more, not just on animations, but on everything as well. I am thankful to have an opportunity to take part in this summit and help promote IYMS, media and cultures to the world.