Creative Colony

By Andrea Gyülvészi, IYMS-Media Education Centre

The art exhibition of the Childrens’ creative colony from Beo?in under the name MOSAIC was officially opened on Monday, April 8th, in the daycare premises of the “?ura Dani?i?” elementary school in Novi Sad. The exhibition was organized by Ms. Maja Famili?, the art activities coordinator at the Beo?in colony, sponsored by the British foundation Rpoint, with  the aim to raise awareness about the International Romani Day, celebrated on this day all over the world.

After a few words of welcome and an obligatory statement for the local media representatives, as well as a brief explanation about the techniques used for creating the mosaics, Maja was kind enough to let the kids take over the stage. They performed a dance for the guests, created for a hip hop song written in Romani language and Serbian, written independently by Romani children from Niš. The children who were present at the daycare at the time and who were in a way, the hosts of this entire event, were so thrilled by the performance, that they demanded an encore, to which the dancers happily obliged.

After the dance was once generic levaquin levofloxacin again rewarded by a thunderous applause, Maja invited all the children to join her in a short art exercise, where they made various sculptures from coloured dough. It was wonderful to see the excitement on their small faces, as they sculpted whatever came to their mind at that moment out of red, blue and green coloured dough, considering that Maja gave them the freedom to choose whatever they wanted to make. Before the sculpting began though, Maja explained why she chose those three colours: red, blue and green, the colour of the Romani flag, which she also drew on the blackboard, followed by a brief explanation.

While the children did their sculpting, Maja took the guests to the other room, where all the mosaics were displayed and gave us a brief story about her work with the children, but also the work she does with their parents, about the ways she tries to educate them and the results she evidently achieved, since they were displayed  right there and then, on the bright and shiny face of each child in that classroom.