Focus! Direct your beams

Ohrid Lake: Film made by our blind friend Bojan Biga during the Youth in Action Exchange project “Focus! Direct your Beams” for young people with special needs from Slovenia, Serbia and Macedonia in Radenci, October-November 2011!

International youth exchange with motto Focus! Direct your beams is project which includes different groups of youth – youth with special needs, youth with fewer opportunities and also young people without disability from Macedonia, Serbia and Slovenia. The main theme of the exchange is making a movie and information public about the exchange through web page. EACH PARTICIPANT WOULD CHOOSE group regarding his interests and knowledge he would like to get or improve. With the main activities we would try to encourage active participation, social inclusion and equal opportunities. The movie buy levaquin 750 mg will be shown on the final event in local community in Slovenska Bistrica. The exchange will happen in Radenci close to Hungarian border. During the exchange we would also discover the surroundings with sport activities and short trips.Participants will work, live and spent time together meeting new cultures and breaking prejudices and stereotypes regarding other cultures and people. With the exchange we want to empower people with special needs and show them that they can play important role in today/s world and society. We would also like to encourage deeper understanding of being different, mutual understanding and tolerance in society. Through living and working together participants will learn a lot from each other and lose their prejudices to people with special needs.