UN Alliance of Civilization in Belgrade

By Pol Guardia:

The Serbian Academy of Science and Arts is a really nice building. Placed in the center of Belgrade, just in Knez Mihailova, we stayed on the 4th floor enjoying the big and colored windows of the auditorium, meanwhile the lecture was going on. Some of the Media Education Centre volunteers were there last week as witnesses of an Alliance of Civilizations event.

Jorge Sampaio, ex president of Portugal and High Representative for the Alliance of Civilizations, joined that meeting during his visit to Serbia in the period 26-28 October 2011 and endorsed the celebration of the UN Day in Serbia. Sampaio also had series of meetings with various stakeholders in Serbia in order to promote and advance the implementation of the Alliance of Civilizations in this part of the world.
The Portuguese politician talked mostly about good relations between countries but also push on the democratically values and efforts. “Democracy is not over the corner. You have to build it. It’s a long term thing” said, urging the Serbian representatives to make a stronger civil society and keep fighting against the corruption and the violence.

After the presentation made by the Vice President of the Serbian Academy of Science and Arts, Ljubisav Rakic, the Portuguese Ambassador in Serbia, Luis Sampaio start his speech comparing both countries -Portugal and Serbia-, and argued that they’re really similar in dimensions and also in economy, and established that point as a bridge for understanding the actual situation of the Balkan country. Also because the Portuguese’s had must built their democracy after a tragic success which was the end of the Salazar dictatorship in their recent history.

But what’s cipro 250 mg exactly the Alliance of Civilizations?

Since here, everything is so nice. But I think that most times it’s necessary to take a breath, make a step behind and see the things in a bigger context. The Alliance of Civilizations is an initiative proposed by the Prime Minister of the Government of Spain -for the moment-, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, at the 59th General Assembly of the United Nations celebrated in New York.

But, why he? Why then? Few months before that assembly, the Islamic terrorism hit Spain for first time with some bombs detonated in the Madrid’s subway. Until the moment it is the biggest attack made in Europe by terrorists with 191 deaths and 1.800 wounded people. That was an ‘answer’ for the Iraq’s invasion pasted by the USA, UK, and Spain Prime Ministers when José Maria Aznar was ruling the country.

With the Alliance of Civilizations proposal, Zapatero wanted to make a political gesture for show that Socialist party is not the same than the popular party and they are really interested in maintain good relations with the Eastern and Muslim countries. Actually, Alliance of Civilizations organize an annual assembly -this year will be in Doha-, and also some other activities and readings as the one which we went in Belgrade.

The Alliance is maintained economically by the partner’s donations and also receives a lot of critical for being just a kind of makeup, and not being truly a real proposal. In that sense, the critical voices argued that there are no concrete projects or activities dealing actually for go in deep on the founding topic: The better understandable world.