Who is Petar?

Petar Tomic

My name is Petar Tomić, I am 20 years old I am from Serbia. I am currently studying at the Faculty of Digital Production in Novi Sad, which is a combination of IT and contemporary art studies. I have always been interested in everything related to general art and digital entertainment. When I was really young I started making short animated cartoons using my computer, and in elementary school I competed in short educational film competitions.

The Tower

This passion turned into something rather digital today, from 3D and VR to digital animation and video-game design. Even though I love working with a camera, I am more fond of the creative process of idea development and post-production work.

For me, the current highlight of my animated film-making career is participating as a workshop assistant at the 14th Biennial of Animation Bratislava (BAB). As the last year’s participant of the Danube For Peace, I am more than thrilled to come back, work and share ideas with young, ambitious and creative people from all over the world! I am also Charter member of the Rotaract Club Danube for Peace.

Animation Workshop for children during the XIV BAB, Bibiana, Bratislava, Slovakia
Blue Balloon, Danube 4 Peace 2018