By Miomir Rajcevic
Summary of my presentation in the Doha Summit,
2nd and 3rd December 2014:
As we are working to move forward Film, Animation and Media generally to advanced education and careers in many disciplines, the our participants bring with them a passion for creating a harmonious world community that will benefit from shared creativity, cultural understanding and informed insight. These delegates will inspire others of their generation to shape the future through media and action and to keep activities alive with some important steps:
• Build massive buzz before an event using our networks and online community,
• Maximize attendee engagement throughout the workshops and online conferences,
• Reduce inactivity of the audience and participants caused by long time between events,
• Support digital traveling exhibition, workshops and festivals and increase revenue from exhibitors and sponsors,
• Utilize Festival’s and Workshop’s momentum for other initiatives and
• Come away with practical ideas for utilizing mobile conference and Workshops and emphasis importance of the online community to hold an event like nothing our attendees have seen before.
Come to see what we will do next summer:
The 10th Summit (ENDLESS YOUTH MEDIA CREATIVITY) will be held in Belgrade, Serbia (July 27th to August 7th 2015). The Summit will be focused on intercultural, innovative and interactive educational technologies, media and information literacy and the development of film, TV, radio and Internet tools for communication, cooperation and positive change in society. Our goal is to work on Media like tool for Conflict Resolution, to include as many young people as possible from the Western Balkans Region (especially from marginalized groups of young people, rural population, Roma population, young people with disabilities etc.). Also, we would like to promote (multi) media education as the best tool for development in a sustainable society (fast, understandable and exchangeable), supporting social justice in a multicultural environment and building interactive educational platforms for effective social inclusion, to help in understanding differences, to uphold the right to participate and to build New Media Pedagogy.
This year in Serbia we will gather for the Tenth International Youth Media Summit. Since the Summit first brought young people together in 2006, the world of technology has changed dramatically. Now we read books on e-readers, cell phones can tell you where they are when lost, cars will soon drive themselves, and filmmakers have already started to edit in “the cloud”.
At the Summit, young people gather to use the latest in media technologies to shed light on the darkest parts of human existence. By working together with passion and conviction, the Summit delegates unleash energetic waves of hope and possibility that crash through borders long after the Summit’s closing ceremony. Join us, become a member and Participate