International Intercultural Multimedia Education Technology (IIMET)

Venue: Serbia
Time: 2nd to 10th of May 2011 (8 days)
Participants: High School Students (14 to 19 years old) and
Teachers interested to implement media literacy and media education in curriculum

Media Educators of the Media Education Centre (Belgrade, Serbia) and High Mowing School, Boston, USA with 25 students from Serbia and USA will have International Filmmaking project: Travel, Source for Cultural Research. With equipment for filming, animation, radio and multimedia buy ciprofloxacin online presentation we are going to discovery 7000 years of History!

International Teams will work on different presentations:

  • Short film
  • Documentary
  • TV report
  • Radio report
  • Animation
  • Multimedia presentation

All material we will produce during our traveling Film Camp will be special tool for future education!
If you are interested to participate please CONTACT US

Places we will visit:

1.      Vinca-Belo Brdo

2.      Lepenski Vir

3.      Viminacium

4.      Golubac

5.      Smederevo

6.      Manasija

7.      Nis

8.      Studenica

9.      Pecka Patrijarsija

10.  Zlatibor-Drvengrad-Kusturica Town

11.  Belgrade-Kalemegdan