Giardini di Plastica

Plastic’s Garden
Patos, Smederevo

Director: Salvatore Tramaccere
Actors: Ana Pasti, Andjelka Vulic i Miljan Guberinic

The show captures the looks, but leaves open the fantasy race to rein. If you decide to suffer the spell, prepare for an amazing journey discovering magical worlds where colors, lights and sounds to suit his desires. Worlds apart, each with its own wonders, where you can meet extraterrestrials, samurai, fairies, Angels …Where there is a place for the memories, dreams, emotions. Visually, the scenes suggestion no even who the child is no longer, thanks to the originality of the evocative force found and of certain images. Pipes, clothing, headgear, poor and recycled material of various kinds that thanks to the imaginative use of lights turns fairytale into pictures, funny and crazy visions, plastic panels of a movement of the imagination. There is a real story that is not that invented, there at the moment, the three players with their transformations. And plastic? Koreja has enjoyed it, playing with simple objects of every day. And launches challenge to recognize them.

Photos: Mr. Vincent Grethen, Media Education Centre