Animation Workshop, Pyrgos 2012

Hello everyone, our day started as usual. The morning there was the animation workshop with Igor, Dimitra and Myrto. Ksenija and Sofija continued working on their flipbook drawings that should be photographed tomorrow in the city.  Our Mythos team finished definitely the scenario for the ‘’crisis’’movie.

The day was special because we assisted to master class of photography. Nikos Kavokidis who is the Greekdirector of photography gave us during this class thebasics in how to express different emotions on people faces and atmosphere just by using different lights. He took two persons and filmed them sitting so we could see the close up of the girl on a big screen. He was putting different color gels that made different effects on her face or on the background or on the both. Every slide is used for different levaquin online buy kind of scene or a whole movie. That’s why the director of photography needs to know really good what the main movie idea is really so he could inspire himself from the master chiefs’ paintings from the world art. When he chooses his models he needs to propose them to the director so they could choose which atmosphere he wants to create in the movie or in some specific scene. Mister Nikos gave us some basic secrets how to make our movies better which is very helpful for our MEC team.

Pyrgos Animation Workshop 2012 from Creative Cultural Network on Vimeo.
In the evening we went to the Apollo to see the projection of a Croatian short animation and we liked it very much. It’s sure that they needed a lot of patience for doing it.