Week in Pyrgos

By Simona Vuletic, Media Education Centre

Hello, during this week in Pyrgos every morning there are the projections of Camera Zizanio festival. Camera Zizanio is the cinematographic event where the movies made by children are shown.This morning there was a special presentation of the 7th International Youth Media Summit, so the audience could see the seven movies about seven world problems that Media Education Center and its collaborators from all around the world made this august.

Later on during the day, there was a meeting of seventy participants of Mythos project. Everyone split into the groups of around ten people. Our MEC team is in the group with others cheap levaquin from Balkan: two girls from Croatia and one girl and two guys from Greece.

Firstly, the leaders of Mythos project wanted all the groups to find some ideas for the movie theme ‘’Crises’’ and to propose them later to everyone so we could all vote for the best idea and then make the movie all seventy of us, together. So, we talked between us in our team and we agreed that is much easier and better if each group made its own work! That’s why Igor, our leader, proposed it to the others from Mythos project and they agreed.

Finally, every group is making its own movie and by the end of the week we will see how each team imagined ‘’the crisis’’. It is very interesting because we all have the same theme, but I’m sure that all the movies will be very different because we all see the world through the different glasses thanks to our culture, language, education, etc.

We decided to make something about the crisis of social relations. We didn’t want to touch the problems that concern the money and the poverty because we think it’s too repeatable, everyone will think about that. The crisis of identity is too important and difficult to express by a short movie and we don’t have a lot of time. Finally in our group we made two choices: documentary about the people having trouble with money lately and how the crisis influenced them etc. and the short movie about the social relations crisis. The majority of our team voted for a short movie about the loss of social relations which is due to many technological inventions which we consider more original.