International Youth Media Summit

Seven Voices in Time
1st to 12th of August 2012


This year in Serbia we will gather for the Seventh International Youth Media Summit.  Since the Summit first brought young buying flagyl people together in 2006, the world of technology has changed dramatically.  Now we read books on e-readers, cell phones can tell you where they are when lost, cars will soon drive themselves, and filmmakers have already started to edit in “the cloud”.

But some things  about the world haven’t changed:  we still have too much war and too much poverty.  Women still do not have equal rights in many parts of the world, and lack of education leaves many young people without hope.  Our planet suffers, as do our bodies – illnesses both outside and in.  And most sadly, we discriminate against each other for the color of our skin, our religious beliefs or our disabilities.

At the Summit, young people gather to use the latest in media technologies to shed light on the darkest parts of human existence.  By working together with passion and conviction, the Summit delegates unleash energetic waves of hope and possibility that crash through borders long after the Summit’s closing ceremony.

Please join us and become part of the Summit Family.  Experience what the young people of the world can create, together.