Danube Design Movement

Our Design DIMMER Movement seeks to motivate the global community of education innovators, funders, policymakers, and practitioners to explore the promise of leapfrogging in education—rapidly accelerating educational progress to ensure that all young people develop the skills they need to thrive in a fast-changing world. Through a series of conversations bridging Continue Reading →

Virtual Internship

Virtual Internship Media Education Centre Building Global Citizenship Public Relation Internship Application, First Step, find HERE! Description We are developing “Building Global Citizenship” activities and the possibility for faster implementation of the main issues of the UN Agenda 2030 about Sustainable Development Goals. We want to be the Global Skills Continue Reading →

Global Education

Global education is a creative approach of bringing about change in our society. Global education is an active learning process based on the universal values of tolerance, solidarity, equality, justice, inclusion, co-operation and non-violence. Global education begins with raising awareness of global challenges such as poverty or the inequailites caused by the uneven Continue Reading →