Sharing & Learning & Improving Training Course

Sharing & Learning & Improving Training Course
Kljuc, Bosnia 2012

Being invited to Kljuc, Bosnia for “Sharing & Learning & Improving” training course immediately brought cheerful features on our faces. Some of us, a history student Milos Zivkovic for example, are enjoying their training course seminar experience for the first time. Others, like animation assistant Vid Rajin, are experiencing their first visit to Bosnia. There is always a lingering feeling of immediate joy when meeting new fellows outside of our own homeland (or beyond familiar modes of thinking). One ought to appreciate every opportunity for new friendships.
The diversity of participants made our acquaintances interesting, with the young people coming from Hungary, Macedonia, Spain, France, Germany, Lithuania, the Neatherlands, Bosnia and Serbia. Having gradually met all the members as they were arriving on the first day, it was informal group introduction time the following morning. Everyone agreed on the proposed schedule, an example of informal education advantages, and certain not-so-strict house rules. Energiser games kept everyone’s enthusiasm at a decent level, and activities themselves involved more than pure listening sessions. Standard training course subjects like peace building, democratic values, environmental care, human rights and such were introduced in engaging ways through group drawings, making charts, debates and project building exercises. There was enough free time as well, with a whole day labeled as “Freedom (with obligations)”, obligations being short continuation of our daily activities in theory, and a must-see visit to the Old Town’s castle in practice.
Kljuc (meaning “The Key”) is a historical medieval town tucked in the rolling hills of untamed natural landscape. Like so many places in Bosnia, it offers astonishing vistas that depend on the altitude of your buy cipro overnight delivery viewpoint (as well as your leg stamina): the higher you climb, the better the view. We reached the monumental Old Town of Kljuc several times, making more than a dozen of photos which are bound to cover most of the profile pictures upon our return home (or to the nearest Internet Cafe). First thing that comes to mind while enjoying this incredible land is the enormous potential of epic film shots. You could imagine at least one fictional film trilogy set in these kinds of magical places. We even heard legends which would easily fit into any random adventure storyline, such as that of a Rider who rode beheaded from the top of the mountain all the way down to a place which is now a small memorial house made of stone. Only tellings, or maybe inspiring realities?
Back in our workcastle, the practial activites continued, intersected with theoretical presentations and amusing silly energiser games every now and then. We also met friendly locals (whose names usually start with the letter “A”). Townfolk gave us their unofficial tour of Kljuc. Some even let us stay in their bar long after the closing time. Internet non-existence was hardly even noticed, with so many other ways of socialising.
Every training course comes to it’s conclusion in a slightly different manner, not because of the varietz of evaluation systems, but due to the diversity of the people and strength of new friendships. Some tears may be felt if not shed, mixed with smiles of contentment. A good memory of the people will stay until our next meeting, somewhere in beautiful Bosnia or big wide world.

Vid Rajin
Media Education Centre, Animation Assistant