This year (like every year) four young members of the Media Education Centre will be jurors  on the Giffoni Film Festival. Together with the leader of the Team they will be in Salerno-Giffoni from 14th to 24th of July 2012. Serbian Jurors with Italian friends and young Jury members from more than 20 countries will have opportunity to watch the best global production of films for children and youth.

When you choose a theme there are two main paths you can go by: you can either follow the suggestions that sping out from the current world and try to interpret them in your own way or follow your own personal path of concepts that are like knots in an uninterrupted dialogue.
This year the GIFFONI EXPERIENCE has chosen a third path that is to remodel the direction the wind blows in such difficult times and continue to follow its very own path by observing the crucial generic propecia topics of our existence as individuals: Energy, Emotion, Discovery, Taboo, Love, Link just to name a few.
It is now time for HAPPINESS. A somewhat challenging choice. The undefined shape of a concept that seems hard to catch, ever changing, and gets lost in the dawn of human thought.
It is a fruitful, rich and full of incentives theme (the original Greek word for Happiness means all of the afore mentioned words), a theme linked to lightness which inevitably clashes with the heaviness – almost unbearable – of this historical momen where the word Crisis suffucates every breath of beauty and even the most positive nature.
GIFFONI EXPERIENCE shouts for happiness. And strongly believes in it. It does not intend to cast down its weapons of light before the dark proceeding of the shadow line and therefore suggests to all its children, youth and families a “colourful” considerationon of the many nuances of happiness.