Film Workshop

By Milica Mihajlovic:

In the film workshops Media Education Centre, students did second exercise done- short films of  to one minute on any subject, with the task to, in combination, use all kinds of camera levaquin price angles capture the two actors (the opposite inner, outer and opposite parallel).
During the film workshops to present, six lectures were held.
The first lecture dealt with the theory of film as an introduction to the seventh art.
For the second lecture, students were able to learn about stages in Pre Production, specifically how to get from idea to written script and storyboard preparation, as the last step just before entering the production (shooting). They also met it the units of the film.
For the third lecture was taught the plans and features, as well as camera angles with the two actors, the triangle rule, and axis action point of view. Then followed two practices with plans and camera angles.
The fourth lecture dealt with the technical part of the camera, the roles of director of photography, cameraman, as well as drawing attention to some of the most influential director of photography in the world and in Serbia.
The fifth lecture was a continuation of the previous, where we talked about the lenses, focus, and depth of field, sharpness, composition of frame, and usually a third and a direction of movement.
Sixth Lecture- Movement of the camera through space when recording with the help of a steady cam, crane and head light.
Lectures are followed by exercises in the form of short films and photographs.