Love my country but never sacrifice the interests of other countries

Proposal for the International Patriotic Convention Sponsored by our Friends and Partners Shaanxi Patriotic Volunteer Association, a Chinese non-governmental organization in consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations

On Earth, the people of every country deeply love the hot land where they raised themselves and their country. However, due to the selfish and greedy human nature, the populists of some extremely inflated hegemonic countries, while the people of the world are developing themselves in a peaceful atmosphere and seeking great harmony, greedily cast their evil eyes on the “ food basket” of others, and engaged in the activities of looting and looting. The expansion of selfish desire and greed is based on the plunder and occupation of weak, poor, and backward developing countries.

On Earth, in most countries, there have also been anti-human disasters in which people with ulterior motives, in order to realize their own desires, created national division and social unrest in the name of “ patriotism”.

We need the prosperity of our country, the peace and stability of our society, and the peace and harmony of our country, but we do not need any excuse for war, division, and social unrest.
We hope that non-governmental organizations around the world will unite and propose that the United Nations draft the “International Patriotic Convention” and prepare for the establishment of the “International Patriotic Committee”, so as to fundamentally cut off any force and create national division and social unrest in the name of “patriotism” in our country and in all other countries.

If your Organization agrees with the proposed concept of the “International Patriotic Convention” please be so kind and download the PDF document below, fill it and send it to Mr. Cui Guowei, Shaanxi Patriotic Volunteer Association President on