Danube Peace Boat EUROPE

Danube Peace Boat is creative interaction of people from different cultural backgrounds willing to learn how to use truthful media languages appropriately in a way that demonstrates knowledge and understanding of PEACE with different cultures. Our workshop began with the Creation of the Coalition for Peace Cohesion, building strong intercultural and interfaith PEACE models for Sustainable and Peaceful Living through Intercultural Dialogue and Interfaith Understanding.

The main aim of the Danube Peace Boat is to build bridges of tolerance, beyond borders. We are developing a cross-cultural, innovative, and interfaith program to support better prosperity of the Balkans

– Danube Region and wider. Danube Peace Boat implements the main elements of Global Education and Media and Information Education like tools for the New Model of Education, Influence of Art and Culture in Social Changing, and promotes sustainable and strategic PEACE Networking. The project has support from UNESCO and EU Danube Region Strategy – PA9 (Investing in People and Skills).

Our activities:

Our Project offers a more collaborative, interactive, and mobile learning experience with the necessary skills and knowledge for using an online collaborative learning platform that constantly evolves and keeps everyone engaged like never before. That’s what the Danube Peace Boat is all about.

  • The Teambuilding,
  • Basic elements of Urban Pedagogy,
  • How to work and cooperate successfully, Teach, Learn, and Love PEACE,
  • Unleash the Creative Genius and
  • Intelligent Leadership – How to Become an Autonomous Peace Activist – Learner-Prosumer and how to produce and share materials for campaign and advocacy for strong Peace promotion.

Helping to all interested participants to create Intercultural Classrooms for Peace in any place, open  more possibilities to more students, teachers and young workers wherever they are. Offering exciting  new approaches to learning about, promoting and advertising PEACE while involving each participant on an individual level.