Digital Europe

Our new partnership!

The Digital Europe Foundation was established to support activities in the field of education and to create favourable conditions for the development of the labour market, entrepreneurship and innovation.

In order for the implementation of the assumed goals to be possible, we actively act in the following areas:

  • improving the quality of education;
  • providing assistance in obtaining certificates and certificates increasing qualifications on the labour market;
  • conducting information, promotion, training and advisory activities disseminating knowledge and increasing competencies in the areas necessary for effective development;
  • supporting and conducting scientific and research activities and developing new tools and solutions for development in the regions;
  • initiating and developing cooperation between enterprises and intersectoral partnerships;
  • supporting the acquisition of external sources of financing for development projects, especially those with high innovative potential;
  • disseminating new technologies, including IT, in management, business and education;
  • conducting certification for natural persons;
  • undertaking activities for the benefit of education as a tool for increasing work efficiency and personal development.