Fest of Fests


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 Coordinator: Vassilis Karamitsanis

 Key points:

How does your festival prioritize critical viewers and critical engagement into the educational activities addressed to its young participants and/or audience? How does it monitor the results of this activity so far, and its impact on the further development of its audience?


  1. Margret Albers (President of European Children’s Film Association – ECFA / Düsseldorf, Germany)
  2. Danai Anezaki (Project Manager, CineDoc Kids Film Festival / Athens, Greece)
  3. Mika Anttolainen (Coordinator, Oulu International Children’s and Youth Film Festival / Oulu, Finland)
  4. Josep Arbiol (Director of MiCe Film Festival / Valencia, Spain)
  5. Mohsen Chiniforoushan (Secretaire General of Centre International de Film pour l’enfance et La Jeunesse – CIFEJ / Tehran, Iran)
  6. Liset Cotera (La Matatena, Asociacion de Cine para Niñas y Niños & Festival / Mexico City, Mexico)
  7. Vova Dyagilev (Director, International Children Television Festival “Dytiatko” – Дитятко / Kharkiv, Ukraine)
  8. Mathios Fratzeskakis (Chania Film Festival / Chania, Greece)
  9. Tony Guarino (Giffoni Film Festival / Rome, Italy)
  10. Claudio Gubitosi (Director of Giffoni Film Festival / Rome, Italy)
  11. David Hands (Cyprus Film Days International Festival / Larnaca, Cyprus)
  12. Mikael Harbauer (Director of Schlingel festival / Dresden, Germany)
  13. Julia Jarl (Director, Festival BUFF / Malmö, Sweden)
  14. Nisse Andreas Koltze (Director, The NextFilmFestival / Copenhagen, Denmark)
  15. Eirini-Maria Kouri (Directorate of Secondary Education, “Filmmakers 2018” Students’ Short Film Competition / Athens, Greece)
  16. Jitendra Mishra (Director, Smile International Film Festival for Children & Youth / New Delhi, India)
  17. Pantelis Panteloglou (Olympia International Film Festival for children and young people / Pyrgos, Greece)
  18. Dubravka Mandic Rajcevic (Founder and Chair Women of the Media Education Centre / Belgrade, Serbia)
  19. Hrvoje Selec (Managing Director, VANIMA – VAFI Festival / Zagreb, Croatia)
  20. Ana Sever (Activity Manager, VANIMA – VAFI Festival / Zagreb, Croatia)
  21. Elham Shirvani (Communication Officer, Centre International de Film pour l’enfance et La Jeunesse – CIFEJ / Tehran, Iran)
  22. Floor van Spaendonck (Director of Cinekid Festival / Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
  23. Yorgos Tsaggaris (Countryside Animafest Cyprus / Paphos, Cyprus)
  24. Angeliki Vergou (Agora Coordinator – Thessaloniki International Film Festival)


Coordinator: Anastasia Dimitra / Eleni Rammou

Key points:

How does your organization assess the results of its film literacy and/or media literacy activity regarding the development of critical faculties of the new generation of viewers? How has your strategy been affected by digitality, as the new generation of digital natives emerges as audience?


  1. Anders Dahlberg (Den Pedagogiska Designbyrån / Stockholm, Sweden)
  2. Christos Georgiou (Film Factory – Hellenic Film Academy / Athens, Greece [tbc])
  3. Fredrik Holmberg (Educator, Film Pedagogerna / Göteborg, Sweden)
  4. Anna-Karin Holtz (Den Pedagogiska Designbyrån / Stockholm, Sweden)
  5. Evangelia Kourti (Professor of Social Psychology & Communication, Dpt. of Early School Education, University of Athens / Athens, Greece)
  6. Panayotis Kyriakoulakos (Lecturer of Computer Animation, Dpt. of Product and Systems Design Engineering, Univ. of the Aegean / Syros, Greece)
  7. Myrto Lavda (Head of Educational Programmes, Onassis Cultural Centre / Athens, Greece)
  8. Maria Leonida (Media Educator, Director of Karpos – Centre of Education and Intercultural Communication / Athens, Greece)
  9. Francisco Veres Machado (Critical Media and Cultural Studies, Dpt. of Science & Technology, Universidade Cabo Verde / Cidade da Praia, Cabo Verde)
  10. Dragan Milinkovic Fimon (Professor Emeritus, Vice President of Centre International du Film pour l’Enfance et la Jeunesse – CIFEJ / Belgrade, Serbia)
  11. Russell Miller (CEO Wonderreel / New York, USA)
  12. Sannette Naeyé (Media Literacy Expert, Former Director of Cinekid Festival / Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
  13. Dimitris Papagiannis (Director of the Iakovos Kampanelis acting school / Athens, Greece)
  14. Ema Pendiuc (Producer, Little Stars – School of Film & Television for Children / Bucharest, Romania)
  15. Yannis Poulios (“Cinema… Diavases?” Pupils’ & Students’ Short Film Competition / Serres, Greece)
  16. Miomir Rajevic (Media Education Centre / Belgrade, Serbia)
  17. Mahdi Shojaee (Director / Tehran, Iran)
  18. Isabel Sitbon (Director of Agence 6-12 / Paris, France)
  19. Susanne Wad (Director, Station Next / Copenhagen, Denmark)
  20. Helen Ward (Managing Director, Jack Drum Arts / Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK)



Coordinator: Irene Andriopoulou / Alexandra Georgopoulou

Key points:

How does your institution promote the “critical viewer” through its activities and policy? Does it coordinate and monitor the activities of other organizations and festivals and how? To what extent do these actions relate to your developmental media literacy strategies?


  1. Beth Carmona (Head of Content Development at Singular, Media & Content; Festival ComKids-Prix Jeneusse iberoamericano / Sao Paulo, Brasil)
  2. Marion Creely (Media Consultant and Independent Producer, Conference Ambassador, Dublin Bid WSMC / Dublin, Ireland)
  3. Doros Dimitriou (Cultural Workshop Ayion Omoloyiton / Nicosia, Cyprus)
  4. Iva Harandi (Educational Program Coordinator, Croatian Film Association / Zagreb, Croatia)
  5. Anna Kasimati (Greek Film Centre, Department of Research and Programs – Creative Europe Media / Athens, Greece)
  6. Laëtitia Kulyk (Attaché for audiovisual media, Istitut Français d’Athènes)
  7. Adrian Mills (Chair of World Summit On Media For Children Foundation, BBC North General Manager / Manchester, UK)
  8. Selven Naidu (CEO Making movies / Port Louis, Mauritius)
  9. Sofia Papadimitriou (Head of Greek Educational RadioTelevision / Athens, Greece)
  10. Mark Reid (Head of Education, British Film Institute / London, UK)
  11. Sally Reynolds (Managing Director, ATiT – Media and Learning Conference / Brussels, Belgium)
  12. Léna Rouxel (Chargée de mission Coordination du programme européen d’éducation au cinéma CinEd, Institut français / Paris, France)
  13. Kumar Shravan (Children’s Film Society of India, President of Centre International du Film pour l’Enfance et la Jeunesse – CIFEJ / Mumbai, India)
  14. Yannis Skopeteas (Assistant Professor in Screenwriting, Direction and the Audiovisual Arts, Dept. of Cultural Technology and Communication, University of the Aegean / Mytilini, Greece)
  15. Menis Theodoridis (Co-founder of Karpos – Centre of Education and Intercultural Communication / Athens, Greece)
  16. Joanna van der Meer (Film Tutor and Family Learning Programmer at British Film Institute Southbank / London, UK)
  17. Carolyn Wilson (Chair, International Steering Committee of UNESCO Global Alliance for Partnerships on Media and Information Literacy – GAPMIL; Program Officer at Faculty of Education, Western University, Canada / Toronto, Canada)

Event Coordinator: David Kleeman (SVP of Global Trends for Dubit research consultancy and digital studio)

Discussion groups coordinators:

Vassilis Karamitsanis (President of ASIFA Hellas, Founder of Αniμαsyroς International Animation Festival & Agora)

Anastasia Dimitra (Animator, Animation and Interactive Media course leader at AKTO art & design college)

Eleni Rammou (Audiovisual and Media Expert)

Irene Andriopoulou (Media Literacy Consultant, Greek National Centre of Audiovisual Media and Communication)

Alexandra Georgopoulou (Cultural Programme and International Relations Manager Michael Cacoyannis Foundation)

Screenwiser Community Manager:

Faidon Komisopoulos (Innovation Management Expert, Michael Cacoyannis Foundation)