BELGRADE AND NEW YORK – The Media Education Center in Belgrade announced today that it is collaborating with the Vinculum Foundation in New York on a series of new development plans.  Both organizations are launching media releases to announce plans that will include the development of the Center. 

The Vinculum Foundation (VF) is a New York based promotional NGO that assists in bringing together sponsors with UN-related NGOs worldwide.  Since its inception in 2015, it has helped raise millions for UN SDG-related efforts and organizations.

The Media Education Center (MEC) has trained young media professionals in techniques that focus on inclusivity and programming that focuses on the connectivity that the media may be able to engender through its art and documentary presentations.

According to MEC President, Miomir Rajcevic, “MEC will use its recognition over the past two years to expand its programming and reach.  MEC will look at the acquisition of new, dedicated space for its training work, expand faculty, and focus on its signature project in 2018: The Danube Peace Boat (DPB).”  This focus also includes annual visits to the United States by the students, who are regularly singled out during these trips to the Plural + and other video awards ceremonies in the USA each year.

The DPB helps regional youth interested in video and filmmaking to understand how their creativity may be used to connect disparate elements among geography and culture in a united vision that combines excellent craftsmanship with meaningful intercultural cooperation among peoples.  MEC hopes that the DPB will be a model platform for other video and film training centers to include in their curricula.  The DPB is a model platform that conforms with the center’s Unity in Diversity programming of the UN Alliance of Civilizations and its other international partner NGOs.

“VF will promote the work of the MEC on two levels to its funding sources: expanding its general services to regional use,” stated VF President Patrick Sciarratta, “and specifically support for its DPB initiative to be embraced by other training centers as a model for global cooperation, mutual understanding, and developing the role of the documentary in the training of all video and film students going forward.”

For interviews or to learn how to contribute to this program, please contact Miomir Rajcevic at +381 63 386 285,, r Patrick Sciarratta, at 1-914-843-4820;

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