The day I graduated

Magical Moments Serbia 02
The day I graduated by Mariangela Vecchio, Giffoni Film Festival, Italy

In Italy, when you graduate, you have to talk in front of, like, ten professors and your whole family is behind you, listening to you. You have a microphone so it’s really loud. Um… So yeah, it was the worst day of my life.

I thought, like, what if I don’t have enough words, if I don’t say anything. It’s going to be horrible. I woke up and I went to my mom’s room and she said: “Oh, I’m going out. I’m going shopping”, or something. I started to cry: “Why are you leaving me? It’s the day before my graduation!”, and I started screaming and everything. She asked me if I was crazy or something. I was like: “Please don’t leave me!”, so she stayed with me the whole day. I wanted to wake up really early and, you know, be prepared and repeat my speech, but I actually didn’t have time because there are four people in my house and everyone had to shower and everything, so I was in a rush. I didn’t have time to repeat buy flagyl online overnight anything, so I ran and I arrived just in time for my graduation. Everything was really, really fast. I don’t remember anything from that morning.

My professor, the one who had me with my dissertation, she said: “You should prepare your speech in English”, so I wrote my speech. I didn’t know everything perfectly, but I knew what I had to talk about. Then she just started making questions. It was, like, question after question, but at least I didn’t fail. I knew all the answers and it was fine.

I think that when I finished my interview with the professors, I just stood up from that chair and it was the best moment of my life because I felt free and proud. I felt like I succeeded in something. I felt free, but at the same time I felt like this was the beginning of something new because I finished a part of my graduation, I should have studied more, but it was something, so I felt like: ”OK, this was one chapter, I finished it, I can start something new”.

Magical Moments Serbia 02 from MEC on Vimeo.