National Consultation on MIL

Media Education Centre together with Ministry for Youth and Sport, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology Development and Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia and with support of the Ministry for Trade, Tourism and Telecommunication, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and National Commission for UNESCO of the Republic of Serbia held yesterday Conference: Consultation on National MIL Policies and Strategies in Serbia.

The purpose of the National Consultations was to enable a cross-sector debate on Media and Information Literacy (MIL) in Serbia and to initiate the process of creating specific policy recommendations on integrating MIL in the formal, non-formal and informal education system. National Consultations involved stakeholders from institutional and non-institutional sectors in Serbia relevant to MIL, seeking innovative, creative and sustainable measures on MIL. The feedback gathered in the consultation process will be reflected in the final version of the Position buy flagyl antibiotics Paper on MIL in Serbia with specific policy recommendations on MIL enhancement and development.

Enhancing media and information literacy (MIL) as well as intercultural competencies among citizens is a key action of UNESCO’s and Media Education Centre’s strategy to promote knowledge societies and foster the development of free, independent and pluralistic media and universal access to information and knowledge for good governance. This activities aims to strengthen freedom of expression, access to information, and free, independent and pluralistic media, ensuring that journalists and media organizations in South East Europe and Turkey are key drivers for democratic, sustainable and peaceful development in the region.

Consultation on National Media and Information Literacy (MIL) Policies and Strategies in Serbia are implemented as Serbian part of the EU-UNESCO funded project “Building trust in media in South East Europe and Turkey”.