Danube Waves Art School


The Media Education Centre and the Danube Peace Boat 2016
would like to invite talented participants (7 to 77 years) interested in One or Two Weeks (30.07. to 7th of August or to 13.th of August 2016, Danube from Stone Age to 21st Century)
Danube Waves-Traveling Art School
Education, Creativity and Visibility
Drawing/Painting, Graphic Design, Ceramics, Animation and Comics
The Best works will be presented on the Danube Waves Traveling  Exhibition (Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest, Novi Sad, Belgrade…)
Limited to Only 9 Participants!



You will start learning from basics of painting techniques to extend your learning to space structure and understanding s of shading, composition, including lectures on traveling art history and outdoor drawing. Participants will learn both traditional techniques and modern techniques. Instructor will be Ms. Majda Stimac.




You will learn simple hand twisting technique to creating ceramics using clay and inspired by late Stone Age collection from lepenski Vir and Vinca! Instructor for Ceramics Workshop will be Ms. Aleksandra Miletic



Graphic Design and Comics:

You will posh your artistic sensibility in color, advertisement, illustration space conception! You will breeding your individual creativity using vivid colors. Instructors will be Mr. Nebojsa Jahlicka i Mr. Bogdan Pavlovic


Instructors :
Our instructors are active in modern art and have very strong insights into traditional painting and have very strong background on (not only) basic modern and traditional techniques. Their artistic talent is no need to mention, but also they excel in instructing students in exciting manner and are brimmed with artistic power.

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