Save the Artic

Why is important for all of us to save the Arctic?

This film is part of Green Peace Save Arctic Campaign:
People power works. Together we helped force one of the world’s most powerful oil companies to leave the Arctic and moved the Obama Administration to close the door to Arctic oil drilling for the next two years. Shell had billions of dollars and an army of lawyers but we had millions of passionate people prepared to do whatever it takes to protect our planet. And together, we won. Every buy flagyl metronidazole voice mattered. Each action worked. This incredible victory is a sign of hope. We can win this.

The Arctic still faces threats from oil drilling, seismic blasting, industrial fishing and climate change. The Earth’s air conditioner is warming up at twice the rate of the rest of the planet. There is no time to waste. We need to ride the wave of victory and keep pushing until we secure PERMANENT PROTECTION for the Arctic. Are you with us?