Connecting to Nature

Biodiversa from Asturias, Spain (leader organization) received great Christmas gift: we have the official confirmation that our next training course, “Connecting to Nature”, has been approved!!!! “Connecting to Nature” will gather in Asturias, from 4 to 10 may 2015, 30 “urbanites” young people from 10 different countries (Albania, Germany, Armenia, Austria, Latvia, Moldova, Portugal, Romania, Serbia and Spain).

More than 70% of Europeans live in Towns, in modern Cities, the people in general and young people in particular, have lost any connection with the nature and natural environment. More and more people live in cities and the cities are increasingly less green areas (less than 15% according to the European Environment Agency). Consequences of disconnection according to a study published in 2013 by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB), children and young people who have no connection with nature show worse academic results, poor mental and physical health, and underdeveloped social skills, which leads, among other things, in a dysfunction their role as active citizens and their general skills for employability.
The training course will be aimed helping young people living in urban areas to re-connect with their natural environment. We believe that if young people learn to appreciate nature, they will live happier and become more responsible citizens. This has been verified by a recent study by the RSPB: “when young people are connected to nature, it has positive buy generic levaquin online impacts on their education, physical health, emotional wellbeing, and personal and social skills, and helps them to become responsible citizens”.

Benefits of retrieving connection our general objective is help young people to regain that connection lost with nature. We intend to get benefits in three fields:
• in the young participants and their circle of influence. Because it has been proved that the connection with nature has positive impacts in their education, their physical health, their emotional well-being, their social and personal skills, and helps them to become responsible citizens (source: Connecting with Nature, RSPB, 2013) and more suitable for joining the working world;
• in the society. Since a society formed by individuals, active, healthy and responsible is more successful that one in which individuals that make it up have lost these abilities and skills;
• in the environment. Since waking up the sense of responsibility for our environment we will be creating individuals who respect and care for the environment that sustains life on Earth.

The objectives of the TC are:

• To help young people connect with the nature around them,
• To practice and encourage enjoyment of nature,
• To develop empathy for creatures,
• To develop a sense of oneness with nature,
• To develop a sense of responsibility for the environment.
Stay tuned for the implementation period. You won’t want it you lose!