The Fallen Pride and the Prejudice involves the creation of reports for all forms of mass media, combined with a vast well-coordinated dialogue through the WEB.

Two reporters from each country of named: Serbia and Montenegro, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, will make a determination of consequences of the prejudices about Hague and The Tribunal of Hague, discover the most important reasons for wide spread opinions and find the media resources and means for their moderation, modification and finally elimination. Media has contributed the most in formation of common prejudices in Former Yugoslav Republics about The Tribunal of Hague, and the media are the best and the strongest tool to work against these prejudice.

The reporters’ work fruit will be available in the three countries of the project’s initial implementation and for any country that may be concerned. FPP project seek to turn the act of reporting into a language of communication among young people in the region and aspires to create intelligent users of the mass media that possess a critical viewpoint and can express themselves to the wider audience. It seeks to be a pilot project in the region with a wide appeal.

Objectives, activities envisaged results and outputs anticipated:

In the second decade from the beginning of the decomposition of ex-Yugoslavia, in the countries formed as the independent, there is still a great number of prejudices. The prejudices are hard burden and obstacle for establishing normal and good neighboring relations. They, also, are slowing integration processes into European Union, although all named countries are declaring to be very much interested and willing to integrate.

The great number of politicians from most of political parties are avoiding to clearly declare their attitude about The Tribunal. They are considering the potential behavior of sensible election body, especially in the times of very frequent elections when the voters are mostly deciding not to participate or are flying from one option to the other. The question about supporting The Tribunal is very risky: the citizens are often thinking about that as matter of integrity and national pride, and on the other hand politicians are aware that declaring against The Tribunal is cutting support and financial help from EU and USA, risk that can ruin stability of running the country and their own interests. International support in wide segments of life and long term stability is the only base for quality implementation of necessary changes in society and successful transition. In the present situation the most of politicians are not ready to take responsibility and start the open buy meds online public discussions about The Tribunal and its purpose as well as deficiencies, if any.

The prevalence “victims” of this long fiddling and hesitation are young people who are influenced and shaped by prejudices. Their natural orientation towards overcoming the problems, establishment of good relationship and communication in region, capacity for vivid and efficient process of cooperation with EU are diminished by mentioned hesitation and self-centered aims of politicians indirectly or even directly supported by media that are building up further prejudices about The Tribunal.

Unfortunately, the biggest contribution to producing prejudices about The Tribunal of Hague and to building the name of Hague to a symbol of unbalanced justice during the time of crisis and war was given by media! There is only one right and the best way to reveal the facts and revise the prejudices: the truth.

• The project FPP is aimed to use all media possibilities (short films, TV documentaries, internet photo reports, internet forum etc.) to achieve:
• to discover and reveal prejudices in connection with The Tribunal of Hague and what caused them or is still maintaining them;
• find out other institutions of justice in Hague, tell about their history and present them;
• go inside The Tribunal in order to find some answers to help the change of common opinion and prejudices;
• go sightseeing to “discover” Hague with its beauty, architecture, cultural events, place for living for the real people out the prison walls of Sheveningen.

The Project will have open structure to be adapted/adjusted during preparation period in accordance with the level of creative energy of participants. During initial preparations using internet discussion we will be working on activating of participants’ sense and sensibility to determinate the main generators of prejudice about The Tribunal of Hague. This process should give us overall picture about similarity and diversity of attitudes and reasons for prejudices in connection with the topic in Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Serbia & Montenegro. From that base will go on frequent multilevel communication directed and aimed to define sophisticated approach using media to show all senseless and absurd of prejudices with the kind of ”lecture for democracy” about the sense of international institutions as structure for preservation of justice and law.
Project target group(s):

• University Students of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia and Montenegro;
• Citizens of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia and Montenegro in general;
• Political decision-makers/administrative staff at international level;
• Broadcasters;
• The research community

Project Coordinator:
Name : Media Education Centre
Address : Obilicev venac 21
City / Post Code : 11000 Belgrade
Country : Serbia & Montenegro
Phone : +381-63-386285
Email :