Belgrade Calling again

Belgrade Calling 2

glavna spica by Miomirr
Media Education Centre in collaboration with International Youth Media Summit, ECO Laboratory, ART Studio Petit Montmartre and Local e-Media Network is ready to continue our “Belgrade Calling” TV Serial for children and teenagers. We will work in target/two age groups: 10-13 and 14-17.

Production: November 2012-May 2013, post production, June and July 2013.
First Screening: 8th International Youth Media Summit, 1st to 12th of August 2013, Belgrade, Serbia

Basic idea:

Children (teenagers) from Different Countries will talk about different issues and their common life. Next two episodes will be about:

  • Money (age group 10-13) and
  • What is the main problem of the young generation (14-17)

Every partner organization/school/group of people has to form team for each issue. Every team has to prepare photo/audio/video material about each issue. All material has to be in English or over voiced/subtitled/translated in English. What we are looking:

  • collection of the photos taken by the participants in connection with every issue
  • short interviews made by participants with their peers but also with adult people in some connection with issue.
    a. If we are working in the group “money” we can ask for interview somebody from local community in charge of the budget, manager of the big shopping centre, manager of the Bank… Also, young journalists have to make interview with some reach and poor people…
    b. If we are talking about problems of the young generation, our journalist/reporters have to make interview with people working on some youth center, somebody from Police Station, headmaster of the School… but also with some young migrants, Roma people, and young people with handicap…
  • Selected video material have to be “in one or few pieces”, just selected-not edited. All have to be in English or with dialogue list and translation in English or with subtitle on English but in this case we need cheap cipro generic also “clean” copy of material. Duration of the video material you have to send us have to be up to 7 minutes.
  • We need also small 30 seconds “intro” about your school/organization”, Profile-CV of your organization with some photos and logo and Name and credit list of your team.
  • Collection of the Photos have to be taken during recording of the video-clips (something like making off in Photos) and
  • We need short description how and why you decide what you like to record, what questions you like to ask and how and why you choose people for interviews.

When you are ready you have to write me and I will send to you all information how and where you have to upload your material.

Media Education Centre will manage after reception of your material SKYPE audio/video conference between your and our participants, we will record skype communication and we will insert some parts of this communication in out TV show-International Youth Magazine: “Belgrade Calling”.

Every Episode will be in English. Every episode will be on Internet. Every partner and other schools and organization will have right to use “Belgrade Calling” during their classes in schools or in other educational purposes.

If you are interested to participate, you have basic equipment (camcorder, mic, and willing children/youth people) and skill to select video material and to upload it on internet and SKYPE possibility please let me know. Also, let me know are you interested for first, second or both episodes.

During the Christmas Holiday we will have Winter Workshop about “Belgrade Calling” and introduction of the Intercultural Interactive Multimedia Pedagogy and Technology. During the summer 2013 we will prepare our traditional International Summer Film Camp and one group of participants will be “Belgrade Calling” group (children, youth and their educators) and they will participate in our special edition: Intercultural Interactive Multimedia Pedagogy and Technology.

Just to remember you, “Belgrade Calling” New Year episode with English subtitle you could see HERE!