• Permanent activities:
    From the 2006 Media Education Centre has Internal Network of the projects we are working on permanent all over the year:
    – Based of the idea of the MEC and with logistic support, of the Creative Centre’s Network (CCN) is formed 2005 by local NGO, organization and creative groups working with children and young people in field of art, theatre and any visual expression. This Network keep members informed about different projects and opportunity and help to MEC in dissemination of the Media Literacy and Media Education in the places all around the region. Also, the Network is our main tool for dispersion of culture in the places far away from the Belgrade. At the moment we have 21 members of the CCNetwork all around Serbia,
    Media Laboratory is place and space for children, young people and all other people interested to learn about media, film, animation, TV, radio and ICT. We are working all over the year four days weekly in five departments: short FILM, ANIMATION, TV, RADIO and ICT. Students of the ML are youngsters 12 to 25 and at the moment we have eight of our former members University students of the Film Academy in Belgrade,
    ECO Laboratory is our project how to use Media, Film and Animation in Environmental Education. We are working with children, youngsters and their teachers in production of educational material to promote protection of environment, and development of the ecological kind of thinking. ECO Laboratory is also organizer of different ECO, recycling and cleaning actions and performances,
    International Youth Media Summit HQ is hosted by Media Education Centre. IYMS has permanent work on creation of the Global Network (at the moment members are from more than 40 countries from all continents), collection of the film and animation material in connection with one of our seven issues: health, poverty, environment, democracy, discrimination, youth and violence. IYMS working on the forming of the special online archive of the audio and video material. With this archive we would like to help to our members to promote media like tool for changing, building democracy and better future all around the Globe
    Balkan Creative Centers Network (BCCN) is our new project we started 2009 to promote media like tool for peace, democracy and civil society in the Balkan with special focus in the Western Balkans Countries. We are working at the moment in three cipro generic different ways: trough “Animate It in Western Balkans” we are traveling in the region (Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Serbia) and make workshops in animation with local youngsters. We have also Traveling Workshop “Film is a Language” for producing of the Short Films during the workshop. Last part of our activities is “Traveling Cinema”. With this project we provide to youngsters leaving in the places without cinema to watch films from our collection. In this third part of our BCCN project our partners are: Plural PLUS, Human Rights Watch, UNESCO, The One Minutes (The Netherlands), Media Literacy Award (Austria), Camera Zizanio (Greece), Listen Up! (USA) and many other Organizations and Film Festivals
  • Seminars, Symposiums, Summits:
    – 2008, October: Round Table: New Media in Media Era-XXI century: in cooperation with European Association for Viewers Interests, Government of Autonomous Region of Vojvodina and International Youth Media Summit. Conference and the workshop about role of the Public Service Broadcasters with Inclusion of young filmmakers and TV journalists from different ethnic groups in the Media Space of Serbia. Special role of PSB in education, life time education, services for people with handicap and third generation.
    4th IYMS August 2009, 5th IYMS August 2010, Belgrade. Young people and their advisers and media experts from more than 20 countries worked on media expression of the youngsters in connection with the main goals of the Summit Movement. New HQ of the International Youth Media Summit will have PRIORITY to continue to developing all possibility of NEW ICT tools to help to our Members and Friends to exchange information as fast as possible. XXI century has Nick Name: MEDIA era! We believe that FAST today means IN REAL TIME tomorrow!
    – 2009, December, Media, Education and Knowledge Society, winter international multimedia workshop for exchange of the knowledge and skills necessary for developing trend of the building knowledge society. Our projects will help to youngsters to use old fashion of creativity and new digital technologies like perfect combination for communication, cultural exchange, interactive participation in Media Space and international creation and production of intercultural, educational, didactic means with media (animation, film, documentaries, TV reports, internet radio…), art and ICT basic elements,
    – 2010, September-October, Wind Energy and Recycling, education for children and young people in alternative reassures of energy and recycling culture with production of the educational films and animation for implementation in the schools

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