Bridge 47 – Building Global Citizenship

The EU-funded Bridge 47 – Building Global Citizenship -project aims to mobilize global civil society to contribute effectively to global justice and eradication of poverty through global citizenship. The project started in October 2017 and will continue until October 2020.

Kehys is the lead agency of the project, and responsible for coordinating the global Bridge 47 Network, which is one of the outcomes of the project. The project assists in setting up sustainable working structures for the network and facilitates the coordination of the network. The aim is to set up the network in such a way that the network and its activities can be sustained by the network members themselves, and they are no longer dependent on external funding after the project has ended.

In addition to coordinating the Bridge 47 Network, the project aims to advocate for policies that reflect the essential role of GCE in delivering the SDGs, build new partnerships between different actors and increase the capacity of European CSOs to develop and use innovative approaches to GCE.

The project consortium consist of two global networks (CIVICUS and ICAE), three national development education networks (in France, Ireland and Scotland), six national CSO platforms (in Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Slovakia and Slovenia), four organisations active in GCE (in Cyprus, Denmark, Latvia and Serbia), and a European research network (EADI).

Welcome to the Bridge 47 Network

* Are you an educator? Do you believe in an education that really prepares people, young and old, to live full and active lives in our increasingly bigger and more complex societies?
The United Nations share your belief!

* Are you a policy maker or education advocate? Do you wonder how to support this crucial education with policies, programmes and resources? Want to learn with and from policymakers around the world?

* Are you a civil society organization? An education provider or organization? A student or learners organization? Do you wonder how to get engaged with UNESCO in the process of changing education? Do you want to see how you can work differently to fully include these dimensions in your work?

Then you are at the right place!
The Bridge 47 Network is here for you to exchange, learn and cooperate!