Pitching, Persuasion and the Art of Storytelling

Pitching, Persuasion and the Art of Storytelling
Learn how to Motivate People to Support Your Ideas. Your Presentation must change minds and inspire action you made from the perfect recipe of gripping visual elements, engrossing stories, and convincing facts. Learn how to weave all three of these together in our Workshop:

  • You’ll write your next presentation using the power of story structure, and storyboard slides using the effective visual display of information.
  • This workshop offers insights into the basics of story content and visual design principles.
  • Improve your presence and impact in front of an audience. Our inside-out approach leverages your strengths and eliminates bad habits.
  • Harness the persuasive power of stories to create exceptional communication that transforms your audience, using your own presentation as a case study.
  • Turn words into pictures and into a clear visual message.
  • Approach to an online promotion that covers everything you need to develop and deliver an effective presentation.

Persuasion is powerful and when you do it well – it’s a win for your audience, a win for your proposal and a win for making the world a bit better, one presentation at a time.

Design learning and storytelling? I’m sure you’ve heard by now that storytelling can make learning more effective. Stories help us process and remember information. Perhaps they even touch a part of our consciousness associated with the magic and creativity of childhood. Effective storytelling is an integral part of the teaching process. Stories capture the emotional interest of the listener in a way that normal lectures would never have touched on.

And for people interested in visual presentation and media-filmmakers: We know that it is time to support people around the Globe to realize their dreams in short film, animation and documentary film-making and this is the first and most important step. How to Pitch and How to Produce Trailer. Danube Waves Academy workshop will open doors of success for some young filmmakers. Youth have many stories to tell and the World is interested in hearing them and be part of it. But young filmmakers need the know-how. They need a proper training in presenting their work to interested film producers and founders. Our workshop will be a first of its kind on the Danube for Peace 2019. Further information could be obtained by contacting Media Education Centre!