Digital Tools

This is Summary of the project we are going to develop. If this is interested for you/your organization please let us know and we will include you in the further activities, workshops and projects.

Many teenager in a row holding thumbs up for congratulation

Why a Danube T4T (Teen for Teen) Digital Network? What is originality of this project?

In the Danube T4T Digital Network we want to mix the role of Teenagers (13-19 years) and empower them in terms of digital content production and usage. Nowadays, teenagers leaving in digital environment and they are not simply producers of digital content not mere consumers of it. They have to become “prosumers” (producers and consumers) and it have to be in this way that we should approach them through our innovative network.

The Danube T4T Digital Network is aiming to become an advanced educational grass root model for all teenagers around the globe. It aspires to become a breakthrough in terms of digital content, techniques in digital literacy aspects, make spreading of knowledge and knowhow easier and available for everyone.

T4T online platform will be the basic tool in our project. The Platform buy flagyl 400mg will offer step by step all practical and production elements for a systematic educational instructions for the process of imagination, creation and all other action undertaken by youngsters during their work in production of the digital didactic products.

T4T Platform will be based on the new online tools and applications will be focal point and reference for all participants and users ready to use digital technology with goal to inform everybody about new methodology of learning, new policy and trends in education and creating of interactivity between teachers and students in digital educational partnership.

The Danube T4T Digital Network will work  ideally as a non-typical network consisted by a n international group of digital and educational experts and professionals,  teenagers and their teachers, educators and new ICT practitioners who will setup high standards of the Platform, learning, digital producing and evaluating strategies.

We want all globally interested schools to recognize the Danube T4T Digital Network as a “centre d’ excellence” and modern source of high quality of digital and educational resources in T4T digital production.