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Danube Peace Boat E.U.R.O.P.E. 2016-2020
Five Time “I” (5xI) – International, Innovative, Interactive, Intercultural and Inclusive

Education for Crucial Generation (ECG) is about self-reliance and empowerment. In the ECG world, the most valuable credit comes from the reputation students learning/build by doing good work and demonstrating it to others. The rules of this world are informal and evolving, but demonstrating value to a network is not optional, it is essential for success in the 21st century.

The students at our workshops help each other get the knowledge and tools they need to solve problems and accomplish goals on their own without being told how to act but with help of our educators. This new and innovative Media, Information and Peace Education means getting the knowledge you need at the time you need it, with enough guidance so you don’t get lost, but without unnecessary restrictions. ECG doesn’t mean that you do it all alone. It means that the resources are in your hands and you’re driving the process.
The old school method of finding opportunity consisted of resumes and cover letters. ECG new school method involves telling compelling stories of who you are and what you have created. Having influential people vouch for your reputation for producing results is worth a lot more than a traditional degree. Just ask anyone with experience in the real world. After your first job, nobody cares where you went to school or how you did on your exams. They care about what your colleagues and industry thinks of you. Do you deliver? Do you out perform? Are you a Prosumer (a consumer who becomes involved with designing or customizing products for their own needs)?
Group of Diverse College Students wearing their traditional attiIn our society “Indigens” are those individuals that hold things together. Yes, organizations might succeed or thrive for a while without them, but eventually as pressure is applied and structures are tested, things will fall apart. We are in a critical time of history. The age of components and mechanisms worked for a while, but everything has changed. A new breed of worker and leader are now required. We need new educational cornerstones to solve our problems, keep us connected, and inspire us with art. People who are hubs are creative, good at connecting with others, and able to see solutions like no one else. They truly are crucial and indispensable.
We create New (Crucial) Generation in order to convince Young People that they are in some way capable of being one Indigen. It can be a bit disconcerting that he refrains from handing us a roadmap, since we are a society reared on self-help books. Our goal is to support reshaping the public education system for creating devices to fill factories and prosumers to buy what they produce. With ECG we will get exactly what we focus on.
It is many people today that criticize the flaws of our education system, but few will ordering flomax offer a solution. We would like to challenges teachers to inspire student to think instead of follow rule-books and ace tests.

Rapid Action (RapTION) in providing Opportunity for everybody to participate in development of the Intercultural Pedagogy and New, Digital, Multi Media Education!
Five time “I” is designed to provide skill, knowledge and digital tools to motivate and support expansion of the Innovative Education with way of Implementation for New Collaborative Generation. Our main goal is to connect, inspire and support influential educational developers who will help us to learn how to use information and knowledge to create a values-driven and sustainable World.

KidsOnStepsOnce young generation are excited about the possibility towards self-reliance and community resiliency, the next step is providing them with the knowledge and experiences necessary to get things moving! We are working on sustainability to build an online educational platform where cutting edge ideas are made accessible to everyone. Our goal is to connect the community of change-makers by providing practical, first-hand experiences through conferences, workshops, and other physical events.
Five time “I” is a Friendship Bridge, strong partnership based on International, Innovative, Interactive, Intercultural and Inclusive education/pedagogy/creativity. Primary Partners share the conviction and confidence that the opportunities created through extensive cooperation and re-conceptualizing development of the Media Pedagogy within the quintuple “I” can be utilized as a New Concept.
We are building a new paradigm: one in which media, schools, universities and professional orientation today works to add value to society — without compromising the well-being of future generations. It is why we are thinking about ecology in all segments of our Project.
Five time “I” is focused on Cross Sectors Grades of Educational Opportunities, the coordinating and connecting of knowledge and different creative content, entering into national and international alliances, effective lobbying and marketing for the participants: Creating of the Online Platform, main tool for development of the New Educational/Pedagogical Model.
Five time “I” create a movement “Giving by Teaching”: Cultivate New Generation ready to combine Knowledge and Skill about Cultural, Historical, Traditional and Environmental Heritage in Different Media outcomes with content same good for traveling presentation but also for development of:
• Movement for Clean Water and Nature,
• Creative, Cultural, Educational and Sport Tourism,
• Green Technologies and Bioproducts
• Sustainable sources of Energy

Five time “I” is to inspire and motivate Investment in young generation and to empower them to give Fresh and Visible Educational and Economic Boost. To create our future life, to connect to others and to change the World!
• Highlight Danube River natural beauty and heritage,
• Promote sustainable and responsible use of natural and cultural heritage and resources,
• Stimulate the Building and Knowledge of ecological responsibility,
• Improve awareness for environmental risk supervision
• Building wisdom about Cultural, Traditional and Natural resources of the Danube River/Region

Danube Peace Boat E.U.R.O.P.E. will find answers about innovative educational actions and challenges, with transnational impacts and possibility to highpoints roadmap in to the future.