EmpowerED – Transforming Education for Learning Disabilities through Inclusivity and Innovation

The EmpowerED workshop delves into the profound impact of learning disabilities on educational practices for trainers and educators. By focusing on scientific evaluation, the workshop aims to unify perspectives across diverse disability spectrums and underscores the critical integration of digital and health literacy into educational strategies. Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of learning disabilities and practical methods to integrate this knowledge into enhancing inclusive communication and customizing educational materials.

Key objectives include introducing the significance of learning disabilities in educational methodologies and the importance of scientific assessment for comprehensive understanding. The workshop will highlight the necessity of incorporating digital and health literacy to address learning disabilities effectively. It will also emphasize the development of inclusive communication guidelines informed by workshop insights and conducting training needs analysis through focus groups and questionnaires. This approach empowers educators with innovative strategies and skills necessary for supporting individuals with learning disabilities.

Participants will develop tailored resources such as training modules, inclusive communication guidelines, and digital learning environments based on the analysis’s findings. The workshop aims to drive transformative change by advocating for health and digital literacy, fostering inclusivity, promoting innovation, and implementing forward-thinking educational strategies.

Delivered through interactive discussions and practical demonstrations, the EmpowerED oral presentation equips participants not only with theoretical knowledge but also with practical skills, fostering a valuable avenue for advancing inclusivity and innovation in education and digital health.

Will be presented at the 2nd Global Summit on Health Literacy, International Health Literacy Association (IHLA), Rotterdam, The Netherlands, September 18-20, 2024.

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