International Patriotic Convention

Joint statement advocating the drafting of the International Patriotic Convention and the establishment of the United Nations International Patriotic Committee

This contemporary vision of patriotism calls for a global consensus. It’s a commitment to advancing the interests of one’s nation, yes, but not at the expense of others. It’s a patriotic duty to work towards a world where every country thrives, peace prevails, and unity is a strength celebrated by all. Together, let’s redefine patriotism in a way that honors our shared humanity and the planet we call home.

Reflecting on human history, we’ve witnessed periods in various nations where the concept of “patriotism” has been manipulated. Individuals driven by hidden agendas have, under the guise of loving their country, embarked on quests for personal and political gain. These actions have led to invasions, regime overthrows, societal divisions, and immense social unrest—resulting in the plundering of resources, the occupation of lands, and the grievous harm to civilian lives, all in the name of “national love.”

However, in today’s world, the essence of true patriotism has evolved to embody values that go far beyond the confines of conflict and self-interest. As global citizens, our collective interpretation of patriotism should emphasize promoting national prosperity, ensuring social peace, enhancing stability, and fostering an environment of harmony and tranquility. True patriotism is about loving your country and contributing to its greatness, without compromising the well-being or sovereignty of other nations.

Joint written statement submitted by Media Education Centre, Action Lab For Development, African Youths Initiative on Crime Prevention, Association Nationale des Echanges Entre Jeunes, Charitable Organization “Charitable Fund “League of Tolerance”, Échos De La Justice Pour Le Développement Communautaire, Groupement Agropastoral pour le Développement de Yongoro, Holly Heart United, International Centre for Environmental Education and Community Development, La grande puissance de Dieu, Mouvement International d’Apostolate des Milieux Sociaux Independants, Mouvement Pan-African Jeunes pour la reconstruction, la reforme et la revolution culturelle au Tchad et en Afrique (JRRRC), ONG – Sonagnon, Pan Africa Girl Child Education Foundation, Pan Africa Girl Child Education Foundation, Shaanxi Patriotic Volunteer Association, Shushilan, Smiles Africa International, West Africa Centre for Peace Foundation, non-governmental organizations in special consultative status, International Progress Organization (IPO), a non-governmental organization on the roster. Here is the document submitted to the UN: