MGYC new executives

Congratulation to the Major Group for Children and Youth is the UN General Assembly-mandated and self-organized mechanism for young people to meaningfully engage in certain UN processes.

MGCY act as a bridge between young people and the UN system in order to ensure that their right to meaningful participation is realized. We do so by engaging formal and informal communities of young people, in the design, implementation, monitoring, follow-up, and review of sustainable development policies at all levels.

Media Education Centre and I personally will continue to support youth around the Globe and MGCY. I am happy to announce that the voting process for the elections has concluded, and we have the results. First and foremost, congratulations to all the candidates for their active participation and dedication to our organization- we look forward to having you all closely engage with us.

Huge congratulations to Florencio Venté, who has received the most votes – an impressive 57.5%- and has been elected as the next Co-Director of MYCP!

Please join me in congratulating Florencio on this well-deserved achievement, and we are very happy to have him join Alicja on the MYCP’s leadership team, and we look forward to the valuable contributions he will bring. Florencio has been an active motivator, driver, and leader within MYCP for the last two years- both within the LAC team as well as for our local government engagement, and we are certain he is the perfect person to help bring MYCP into 2025.

Moreover, we are pleased to announce MYPC’s decision to expand the executive team due to the exponential increase in opportunities and workstreams that MYCP has taken on.

As a result, two additional positions on the executive team have been created, and the following two candidates with the most votes have been chosen to fill these positions:
Congratulations to Milena Franke and Aryan Sanghrajka!

  • Milena Franke received 48% of the votes and has been selected as one of the new members of the executive team. She has actively engaged with MYCP for over 3 years now and has brought a wealth of enthusiasm and experience to our youth forum work, and we are excited to add her voice and legal expertise.
  • Aryan Sanghrajka secured 39% of the votes and will also join the executive team. He has been a huge asset to our team this past year and, already being a seasoned youth leader and one of the co-founders of our network member Forced to Flee, brings experience and expertise in migration that is significantly beyond his years.