Under the motto “Inspire, Connect, Enable”, the YDEAS Regional Ideathon will be a creative problem-solving exercise where young people come together to discuss a challenge, dive into it and consider possible solutions, including with the involvement of technology.

Approximately 80 participants will be invited to team up in groups of 20 that will be formed by the organizers. The groups will rotate to join four laboratories that will run in parallel from Friday 4 to Sunday 6 November 2022. Trainers will engage participants in a playful journey where they will explore the following topics:

1. Time to shine: showing your best talent is not always easy. How can you develop engaging storytelling to pitch your business idea?;
2. A smart approach to creating a ‘Smart Community’: learn how to build an ecosystem of electronic tools, maximising what is already available, to meet the needs of communities and local governments at a reasonable cost;
3. +energy-pollution=Hydrogenio: reducing emissions while improving performances of engines and heating systems seem irreconcilable achievements. How can we address this challenge using low-cost technology?
4. The power of microdata: while there is increasing attention towards Big Data, Micro Data offer an untapped potential towards improving employment prospects. How can we use data to match job opportunities with the right set of skills?