Danube+ Water Innovation Lab

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OUR WATER IN THE DANUBE NEEDS INNOVATIONThe Media Education Centre’s new partner Waterlution, Canada with Water Innovation Labs (WILs) are front-running, immersive leadership development experiences designed to accelerate collaborative innovation, fast-track global knowledge-sharing and devise new innovations that improve water security for the planet. To date, 16 WIL programs, across 5 continents, 9 countries, trained 1500+ young water leaders, engaged 350+ mentors, and initiated 125+ water innovation projects.

With leadership training at its core, WILs equip the next generation of young water researchers, policy-makers, and waterpreneurs with mindsets and skill-sets for beyond 2021: collaboration, creativity, global engagement, complex problem solving, and impact-oriented thinking. Fill the application and join us! https://forms.gle/kMVSp2r6UESgsqSQ7