Who is Breech?

Breech Asher Harani is a filmmaker, photographer, digital artist and youth advocate from the Davao Region, Philippines. He is the founder of Alexandrite Pictures, an independent film studio where he produces multi-media projects to tackle important global issues and raise awareness on topics about the Sustainable Development Goals. After quitting his job as a writer in 2013, he started producing short films of different genres and video arts and travelled across the globe, exhibiting his photographs and screening his films while garnering awards and recognitions along the way. Breech is currently working with global organizations in producing media arts projects.

Aside from filmmaking and photography, Breech is also a cultural and environmental conservationist. He works closely with local organizations in creating awareness contents in the preservation of Crane Fly species in Compostela Valley and the indigenous communities of the Davao region. Breech paints and creates installations in his free time and is a big fan of DC Comics.

BLUE By Breech Harani, Philippines: Stay different, no matter who you are or where you come from! Just look around you and you will see: You are not alone!