OPENS 2019 opening doors!

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Novi Sad is entering the year of 2019 as the European Youth Capital, and this prestigious title assigned by the European Youth Forum will be celebrated on Saturday, 26 January. The celebration will begin with the opening ceremony in the Novi Sad Synagogue, which is expected to be attended by the highest officials of Serbia and numerous European officials, after which the celebration will be continued at the Great Hall of SPENS, where popular world, regional and domestic music stars will perform, as announced at today’s press conference at the City Hall in Novi Sad.

One of the most popular stars of the new generation, JAX JONES, multiple nominee of BRIT and Grammy awards will perform at the opening ceremony of European Youth Capital. Apart from entering the prestigious circle of people with more than a billion views at the most popular video service YouTube, his hits “You Don’t Know Me”, “Breathe”, “Ring, Ring” and many other do not leave the radio across Europe, and the most popular is “Play”, published in cooperation with Years&Years. He will be joined by super-popular French DJ duo OFENBACH, who caused euphoria at the world scene by songs “Be Mine”, “Party” and “Katchi”, but also successful Turkish DJ and producer MAHMUT ORHAN who gained world popularity by the hits “Feel”, “Save Me” and “6 Days”, which have more than 550 million views on YouTube! All three international stars, apart from performing on great festivals around the world, are still remembered by the domestic audience for the euphoria caused at the Main Stage of EXIT Festival in front of a tens of thousands people! One of the most important rock bands in the area, VAN GOGH will also perform at the manifestation, whose sold concerts in the largest sport halls in Serbia tell the most about their repertoire of hits in the last thirty years. The Great Hall of SPENS will also welcome song-writer from Belgrade, MARKO LOUIS, as well as HELEM NEJSE, from Sarajevo, known for energetic music performances and sharp tongue.

“We are extremely happy and proud to announce the international manifestation with which Novi Sad will begin to celebrate the title of the European Youth Capital in style. This year, more than 75 thousand young people passed our programmes, and a rich programme is waiting for us next year, which will include more than half a million young people from all of Europe”, Vukašin Grozdanović, OPENS Coordinator said.

One of the largest regional rock bands, Van Gogh has kept its energy and recognizable sound since the first album in 1986 until today, which can be described in short as a clear rock and roll. The performance in Novi Sad is coming at the moment of the announcement of the new single from the upcoming jubilee 10th studio album.

“This is a new Van Gogh, a single is only the announcement of the album. Our plan is to issue the album on 13 February as a gift, but you can always expect surprises. I am extremely happy that we are part of this colourful line-up and that we are taking the City in the year of young people”, Zvonimir Đukić Đule, Van Gogh frontman says.

The manifestation in the Great Hall of SPENS will begin at 8 p.m. and last until 4.30 a.m., while the entrance is free, with mandatory previous registration at